Free Magnetic Energy

Now let’s set the record straight. There is absolutely NO such thing as Free energy!! Electric generators cost money, there by any energy generated from systems such as solar cells, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, tidal, or any kind of electromagnetic based generators, etc., is only Free after the startup cost, plus there is always a maintenance cost to consider as well. Then and only then is any electricity generated from that point forward is Free, in that you do not have to pay the electric company each month for your electricity. There by the term, “Free Energy” is widely used and often abused in the industry.  At this point in time James Roney Stators has no such device for Free Magnetic Energy available as his research is in a development phase.

What most people do not know is that some 95% of all electricity in the world comes from electromagnet based power generating systems by setting magnets into motion while wrapping windings of magnet wire around the magnet to generate electricity. Not only is this method of using magnets main stream, but paramount to generating electrical power world wide. By no means can you get electrical energy from the magnet itself.

Free Magnetic Energy

Free Magnetic Energy

The technology and knowhow for free electricity using magnets has been with us ever since we first started generating electricity well over a hundred years ago, soon followed the hydroelectric generators located inside of Niagara Falls. Since then, man has found all kinds of ways to get free electricity from passing magnets across coils of magnet wire, that is free… but only after the initial startup cost. In certain cases you may have operating fees to deal with such as repairs.

From hydroelectric dams to thermal generators and windmills, they all use magnets to generate electricity.  With the exception of solar power, nearly all of our electricity comes from magnets used to generate the very electricity that you and I consume today. This is not BS or a scam, rather it’s something that most people never really stop to think about.

Our mission here at Free Magnetic is to take the existing science of over a hundred years ago, merge it with the innovative thinking of today, and shape it into tomorrows technology, today!  The BP Gulf Oil spill, artificially high gas prices world wide, along with wars over oil cries out to all of humanity to find a better solution in meeting our energy needs. There by this website is about building a better way of life in a no holes bard, open forum in the pursuit of alternative green energy resources.

Our goal is to keep all knowledge in a open source/public forum, rather then keeping the information in secret in the name of personal gain, is the right thing to do. Thus this website is dedicated to achieving that goal, as we are not seeking patents or copyrights on energy devices. Nor are we about selling other people’s research, only that of our own which is the main focus here. People talk their talk in cyber communities like YouTube who lead you to believe they know it all, and there by make false accusations about this website, when in fact they don’t know what this website is really about or how it works.

We would like to address some misunderstandings.
We’re not trying to use magnets as fuel.
This site has nothing to do with perpetual motion.
This site is not only dedicated to motors that run solely on magnets; though that would be nice if we could actually do it.
You don’t have to purchase our eBook to get the information you’re looking for, but it makes it easier to disseminate all the information on this website.
Our research is based upon proven scientific principles that have been in the public domain since the 1800’s.

This site is primarily about self running electric motors. By placing a basic turbine on the end of the motor shaft, (much like the one you see in the diagram below) would be used to make electricity. In doing so… you would be generating electricity using the exact principle that is used to meet some 90% of the world’s need for electricity.

Is it really that easy? Can this really be done? These questions and more is why this website was built as to best address these very questions in an open source, global think tank environment.

The traditional turbine shown to the left, are the core of our civilization. Practically every form of electric power is generated by a turbine. Electricity is made when a turbine moves a large magnet around a very large wire. This movement serves to electrify the wire.

Understand that all information published on this website is made available here for Free.  For those of you who do not have the time to weed through this website which will soon become hundreds of pages, you can download the key information which has been transcribed into a step by step how to guide in the form of an eBook.

CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, Oprah and countless others, all charge you for a transcript of which the information was otherwise free at the time of broadcast. Our eBook is no different, a condensed version of what you can otherwise get from this website absolutely for FREE.

Since this website will become big over the months ahead, the option to download the information in the form of an eBook is the easiest way to go, which will also include bonus blueprints, detailed diagrams, pictures, and a step by step guide to Free Magnetic Energy.  Best of all, what funds raised by the eBook will go back into research and development which will be published right here on this website for Free with no gimmicks, tricks or catches, no purchase required. Our Free newsletter will keep you up to date!

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