Flexible Rubber Plastic Magnets Overview

Flexible (Rubber) magnets are made by mixing ferrite or Neodymium magnet powders with synthetic or natural rubber binders in rolling (calendaring) or extrusion process. Flexible magnets are advantageous due to their versatility, low cost, and ease of use. Flexible (Rubber) magnets are usually manufactured in strip or sheet form and are widely used in micro-motors, gaskets, novelties, signs, and displays. Ferrite flexible (Rubber) magnet materials have a very low energy product (0.6MGOe to 1.7MGOe). No surface treatments are necessary for flexible magnets. Ferrite based flexible materials are often laminated with white or colored printable vinyl. They can also be manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesives to make assembly easy.

Flexible Plastic Magnets

Flexible Plastic Magnets

Flexible Rubber Plastic Magnets Properties
Br(KGs) Hcb(Koe) Hcj(Koe) BH.max(MGOe)
PRM-5T 1.4-1.55 1.125-1.5 1.625 0.5-0.7
PRM-8 1.6-1.85 1.5-1.75 1.875 0.7-0.89
PRM-10 2-2.1 1.812 2 1.0-1.20
PRM-11 2.300-2.45 2 2.188 1.25-1.39
PRM-13 2.500 2 2.275 1.40-1.51
PRM-15 2.600 2.150 2.450 1.50-1.60
PRM-11H 2.300-2.400 2.125 2.5 1.25-1.34

Flexible Rubber Plastic Magnets Key Advantages

In sheet or strip form
Cut and shape easily
Relatively cheap
Higher energy flexible materials allows it to replace ceramic materials
Adhere to products easily
Silk screening or digital printing techniques can be used in imprinting sheet materials laminated with vinyl

Flexible Rubber Plastic Magnets Quick Leads

Manufacturing process – extruding or calendaring
Main shapes – slit, cut, punched or coiled strips and wide sheets
Energy Product: 0.6 MGOe to 1.7MGOe for ferrite based materials
Commonly magnetized with multiple poles on one surface so as to generate a stronger holding force

Common Applications

Displays Toys and games Warehouse labels Window and door seals Sensors Latches Holding Vehicle Signs Paint Masking Printed Premiums Control Charts Arts and Crafts Large Format Graphics Masking Photographs Advertising Specialties Menu Boards Name Plates Game Boards Calendars

Flexible Plastic Magnets

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