Our Fishing Magnets also kown as Underwater Retrieval Magnet, Search Magnets, Retrieval Recovery Magnet, Fisherman’s Retrieving Magnets, Magnetic Fishing Tool, Hold Fast Boat Magnet, Dock Magnet, Pier Magnet or  have hundreds of sporting, household, industrial and commercial uses. They are commonly used to retrieve metal containing iron from lakes, rivers, and oceans. Perfect for retrieving your keys or tools that might have fell in deep water. A great gift for any angler or mariner this magnet will attract and hold: cotter pins, fishing poles, anchors, tools, motors and tackle boxes, and virtually anything containing ferrous metal.



Holding and retrieving magnets / Underwater retrieving magnets: these magnets can be screwed or bolted to most surfaces. Attach a rope or chain to the eyebolt and go fishing for metal objects in tanks, vats, waterways or hard-to-reach places. Also, they can be used to hold spray nozzles, hoses, temporary wiring and more.

Go fishing for metal items that fell out of the boat, including tackle box, tools and even your anchor if the chain or rope breaks. Also fish for sunken treasure along the floor of the lake or stream! This powerful fishing magnet lifts up to 300 lbs.

This versatile tool can also be used on land for lifting, holding, and separating; some examples of its’ many uses include:

Locating and retrieving lost tools.

Removing nails and other metal objects from lawns and driveways.

Separating metal particles from water, oils, coolants, etc.

Removing steel from tumbling media.

Moving parts in and out of degreasing tanks.

Removing nails, nuts, bolts, and other hardware from kegs or storage bins.

We also manufacture retrieving magnets in other sizes and configurations to meet specific needs. Call us with your personal requirements and let us design the right magnet for you.

100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet

100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet

HRM-R100 / 100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet Lost Fishing Gear Scrap Metal and Nail Retriever, Strong Pull Retrieval Recovery Magnet, Fishing Magnets, Retrieval Magnets Magnetic pull:100 lbs. Overall dimensions: 4-1/8″ Length x 3-1/4″ High x 1″ Wide This retrieving magnet features a threaded hold and screw-in ring, so you can attach your own choice of line. Or […]


Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175 / 300 lbs Pull

Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175-300 lbs Pull, Fishing Magnets, Super-strong Retrieving Magnet, Fisherman’s Magnet, Holding Retrieval Magnet, Underwater Lifting Magnet, Hold-fast Marine Underwater Recovery Magnet Also known as a boat magnet, dock magnet, or pier magnet, our Underwater Retrieving Magnet helps to retrieve lost tools, fishing gear, weapons, and equipment at any depth! Just hang the Underwater Retrieving Magnet off your local dock and […]

two-sides search magnets

Powerful Neodymium Two-Ways Treasure Salvage Magnet

These are two double sided permanent Treasure Salvage Magnets (Two-Ways NdFeB Search Magnet, Retrieving and Holding Magnets, Recovery Magnets) with 100-600kg pull power for each side. Lost any KEYS or a Weapon down a drain or overboard on a boat ! great for finding them. Treasure Hunting etc. All you will need is a STRONG rope. Treasure Salvage strong […]

one side search magnets

Super Strong One-Side Search Magnets

Super Strong One-Side Search Magnets (also called as One-Way Treasure Salvage Magnets, Retrieving Neodymium Search Permanet Magnets) in recent times has become a popular fixture among hunters. The search engine uses the search neodymium permanent magnet to locate and pick up metal objects from the bottom of reservoirs, wells, mines and other depths. Magnets allow lift […]