Elevator Traction Machine Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine has occupied the mainstream of the market, therefore, the demand for elevator traction machine magnet is still high.

Traction elevators are mainly composed of a traction system, guidance system, gate system, car, balance system, electric drive system, power control system, and safety protection system. The traction machine transmits and transmits power to make the elevator system work normally.

Elevator Traction Machine Permanent Magnets

Elevator Traction Machine Permanent Magnets

Introduction of permanent magnet for elevator traction machine

The traction machine is composed of a motor, a brake, a coupling, a reduction gearbox, a traction wheel, and a guide wheel. According to the motor type, the traction machine can be divided into DC traction machine and AC traction machine, and then AC traction machine can be divided into AC gear traction machine, AC gearless traction machine, and permanent magnet traction machine. In fact, permanent magnet gearless traction machines are widely used in the elevator industry because of their small size, stable low-speed operation, maintenance-free, low energy consumption, and low noise.

The high-performance rare earth neodymium magnet is one of the core components of the elevator traction machine. As the excitation source of the traction machine, irreversible magnetic flux loss will bring safety hazards to the entire elevator system.

Elevator traction machine magnets generally use N35SH, N38SH, N40SH, and N33UH high-performance grades of neodymium iron boron. To a certain extent, the explosive growth of elevator traction machines has stimulated the development of elevators.

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