Electro Holding Magnet – Things You Need to Know

What Is A Holding Electromagnet?

Holding electromagnets are used to attract and hold ferromagnetic pieces.

The maximum force efficiency is achieved with the piece to be hold above the attraction’s face and in direct contact with both poles (outside pole and inside pole).

How Does A Holding Electromagnet Work?

The attraction and holding of the ferromagnetic material is made when the coil is turned on. It has not got any plunger, its magnetic circuit is open. When the coil is turned off, the piece drops.

It is not recommended to use holding electromagnet in applications that an air gap>0.2mm is required. The retention force will fall down exponentially when the air gap increases

Electro Holding Magnet

Electro Holding Magnet

Types of Electro Holding Magnet

Switchable with electric voltage, there are 2 types:

Electromagnet type attracts a steel object upon switching on the coil in the magnet. When the coil is switched off, the magnet immediately releases.

Electro-permanent magnet type possesses permanent magnet force. When the coil is turned off, the magnet pulls the workpiece. Switching on the coil neutralizes the permanent magnetic force. The magnet is now out of operation and immediately releases the workpiece. These magnets are an ideal solution when you need to reliably hold the workpiece in the unpowered state.

Holding Force

Holding force (in N) of the holding magnet, under optimum conditions of use, at the ferromagnetic part when it comes into contact with it.

This force is perpendicular to the attraction surface of the holding magnet.

Residual Force

Residual force (in N) through which the holding magnet holds the ferromagnetic part after removal of the magnetic field associated with the coil or the permanent magnet.

Its value is at least 15% of the holding force and depends on the part (size, roughness, material, etc.). It may be as much as approximately 30%.


Electromagnetic holding magnets are used in many different areas, for example, in the fields of automation, transport, and handling. Depending on requirements, the electromagnets are available in round, flat or rectangular designs.

Holding Electromagnet for Sale

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