Electric Hysteresis Brakes

These brakes utilize an electromagnet to generate drag torque
Drag torque is dependent on input current and independent of slip speed, a constant current power supply such as our MPP24 must be used
Torque on each unit can be adjusted to any value between bearing drag (~0) and the max torque indicated in the table below by adjusting input current

Common Applications

Constant Tension Payoff
For specialized or sensitive processes that require precise and constant tension control, our Electric Hysteresis brakes can be used in conjunction with our MPP24 Tension Controller in order to achieve either open-loop or closed-loop constant tension control. This is especially useful for applications that undergo a large diameter change (large ratio between full spool diameter and empty spool diameter).

Torque Overload Clutch
By driving the body of our brake and using the shaft as an output, these permanent magnet hysteresis brakes can be used as an adjustable inline torque limiting clutch. The brake will drive synchronously without slip until the torque set point is exceeded at which point the brake will slip smoothly. When torque is decreased below the torque setpoint, the brake will continue driving smoothly without any damage to the brake or any other torque sensitive components.

Drag Brake
Our brakes can be used to create an adjustable drag. Whether you are simulating drag on a motor or creating resistance on exercise equipment, our constant torque brakes allow for continuous slip without any wear or electricity requirement. You can count on our brakes to give a consistent and repeatable drag on your process.

Backstop Brake
Because our brakes require no electricity to operate, they work great as a failsafe in the event of power loss. For positioning applications such as linear stages or motor-driven lifting applications, in the event of power failure our brake will hold or slow any resulting motion keeping operators out of harms way. magnetic therapy history

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