Educational requirements to become a Magnet therapists – Only few institutes in India are offering Magnet Therapy courses. The minimum qualification for getting admission to certificate, degree and diploma courses in Magnet therapy is 10+2 and graduation for PG courses. The duration of diploma course is of 1 year and graduation and postgraduate diploma course is of 2 years. Some institutes offer short-term Diploma and Masters diploma courses that varies from 1 month to 3 months. These courses can be done by correspondence or in campus.

Institute of Alternative Medicines- Kolkata; Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute- Jodhpur; All India Para Medical Technology & Alternative Medicine Council- Ludhiana; National Institute of Naturopathy- Pune; College of Clinical Magnetology and Prana Healing College- Thrissur; Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research- Kolkata; International Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research- Bangalore, The Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine- Jaipur are some of the prominent institutes that offer Magnet therapy courses.

Magnet therapists

Magnet therapists

Several beauty and health care centers also offer short-term advanced diploma, certificate and training courses in Magnetic therapy. Arogya Mandir- Jodhpur, Megha Natural Health Care- Kangra, Acupressure Health Care Mart- Mumbai are some among them.

Magnet therapists Course Content :
Magnetic therapy courses cover topics such as anatomy of human body with reference to magnet therapy, Magnetic Power and its importance, Methods of Magnetic Treatment, Various Magnetic instruments & their uses, Other alternative therapies-Acupressure etc.

Magnet therapists Skills Required :
A Magneto therapists should have knowledge about the proper use of a magnetometer, which determines the poles of a magnet and must be familiar with equipments such as magnetic blankets, bracelets, slumber pads etc that are used in magnetic therapy treatment. They should be well aware of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body and its vital organs. Magnetic therapy Practitioners should have empathy and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.

Job Prospects in Magnetic Therapy / Magnet therapists

As the health benefits of Magneto therapy is being widely recognized, many companies and number of physicians from all systems of medicine are now practicing and undergoing magnetic therapy training. Many alternative health practitioners are now using magnet therapy as one of many treatment tools in their practices.

A magnetic therapist can find employment opportunities in private / public hospitals, naturopathy hospitals or alternative treatment therapy centers. Magneto therapy can be carried out not only by a Magneto therapist but also by trained para- medical staff like a nurse or a physiotherapist. Alternative health practitioners with conventional medical backgrounds can also become a magnetic therapy practitioner.

A session of magneto therapy lasts for over 20 to 30 minutes and the treatment can continue even after complete cure, to preserve general health. Moreover, the duration of the therapy varies with various factors like the type of disease, age of the patient, strength of the magnets, individual susceptibility to magnets, severity and length of disease.

Magnet Therapist can do independent practice. They can start their own business selling magnet products like magnetic jewelry, especially bracelets and other products for treatment. They can promote their business by making business cards, brochures or by setting up a website or by advertising their services in the media.
Magnetic Therapists Salaries

Salary of magnetic therapists vary greatly depending on the organization, location, experience and the number of patients they treat in a day. Income potential is unlimited and depends on the skill of the therapists. Self-employed magnetic therapists work on hourly rate and charge fee for each session, which lasts for 20-30 minutes. Magnet therapy is an additional source of income for physiotherapists and paramedical doctors.


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