Economy Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

Buy Economic Plastic coated Message Memo Board Magnets online with HSMAG
A range of economically priced plastic capped magnets available in black,blue,green,red,white and yellow
and in two different sizes.

They are small enough so as not to cover your documents or drawings and are easy to put on and take off.
Ideal for notice boards and planning charts. Ideally to be used in pairs whilst the small magnets are also ideal for planning purposes.

Economy Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

Economy Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

Colorful Round, Refrigerator & Classroom Magnets – Perfect as Whiteboard, Locker, or Fridge Magnets [Assorted Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, White]
One pack of 12 assorted magnets.
Each planning magnet is 30mm in diameter and 8mm high.
Each magnet has a 17mm diameter ferrite magnet that can hold seven sheets of A4 80gsm paper to a whiteboard, filing cabinet or fridge.
Moulded plastic with smooth gloss finish.
Add a splash of colour to your whiteboard or fridge with this assorted selection of 12 colourful planning magnets. Great value and easy to use, each magnet has 17mm diameter ferrite magnet which will hold seven sheets of A4 paper against a whiteboard, fridge or filing cabinet.

Finally: A small, unobtrusive plastic magnet, which – despite its small size – is stronger than many large magnets. The Mini notice board magnets can hold 12 A4 sheets of paper or one thick piece of cardboard. It is especially suitable for use in the office, at school or at home, because it reliably attaches to magnetic boards, magnetic glass boards, whiteboards and even to magnetic paint.

The secret of its power is a strong disc magnet pressed into a plastic cap. The magnet is recessed by 0,1 mm and therefore does not touch the surface it is being attached to. This eliminates the possibilities of surface scratches or damages to the magnetic coating. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped cap made of non-fading plastic, the magnet is also easy to remove – despite its enormous adhesive force.

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