Does the strong magnetic phone holder really hang up the phone?

For the driving family, attaching a bracket to the mobile phone is a must-have partner for liberating your hands. Is your mobile phone holder a magnet? Will the mobile phone we hold in our hands be affected by the magnet? This kind of worry is worrying about people? Still have some truth?

Can tell you very responsibly

Magnets have an impact on smartphones

But it will not have an adverse effect

strong magnetic phone holder really hang up the phone

strong magnetic phone holder really hang up the phone

According to Pingo, the HSMAG executive on the magnet sales website, Matt said: “The magnets we encounter in our daily lives, and even the magnets that are quite magnetic on the market, will not adversely affect smartphones. In fact, There are a lot of very small magnets inside the smartphone that perform very important functions. For example, Apple’s Apple Watch uses a magnetic induction wireless charging system.”

So that we can be assured

Is the magnet in close contact with the phone?

I suggest you still let the magnet and the phone

Keep a safe distance

Because the magnetic field is really important

There are still some factors to consider before getting the magnet into contact with the smartphone. PINGO warned that the magnetic field can temporarily interfere with digital compasses and magnetometers in smartphones, and the impact is more serious than people think.
Zu , engineer of the magnet sales website HS Magnetics, explained, “The problem we found was that the magnets in the vicinity would affect the magnetic sensor in the phone, and the digital compass would not read correctly. Worse, if the magnet is close In mobile phones, the iron components inside the phone will be magnetized and become weak magnets, which will make it difficult to correct the compass.”

Some users may think that it doesn’t matter because they don’t use the compass application, but that doesn’t mean other apps don’t rely on compasses. For example, Google Maps uses a compass to determine the orientation of a mobile phone, and many games also use the compass to “calculate” the direction of the user.

That is, if you navigate any day

Lead you to someone else’s home

May be that your magnetic field is biased

Maybe the phone is away from the magnet

too close

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