Difference Between Custom Magnet and Wholesale Magnet

Many friends confuse customized magnets with wholesale magnets. They always think that wholesale and customized magnets are the same. In fact, the difference between them is quite big. Wholesale magnet is to take goods directly in batch. What is the performance, specification and tolerance of magnets? They can’t be changed. Customized magnets can be processed by magnet manufacturers according to their own needs. The time is relatively short For a long time, which one is better?

This basically see the customer’s demand, because of the different needs of customers, convenient to use soon can choose wholesale, there are some magnet makers would make some shipments is bigger, the commonly used magnet size is put in the warehouse, it takes time and effort to find a lot of magnet factory ask one by one, to compare routine is easy to find, after all, so many domestic magnet factory.

Custom Magnet and Wholesale Magnet

Custom Magnet and Wholesale Magnet

If there are requirements for magnets, such as special specifications and better performance, custom magnets can be selected. Custom magnets can provide their own specifications, dimensions, performance, coating, temperature resistance.

It mainly depends on customers whether they need to wholesale or customize. In general, handbag factories, packaging factories and trumpet factories are direct wholesales. Because the requirements for magnets in such industries are not so high, they are more conventional and use a large amount, so it is easy to find the spot. Many manufacturers such as motors and sensors adopt customization, because motors have certain requirements for the parameters of magnets, such as the size of magnetic force, the number of magnetizing poles of magnets and so on.

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