We offer the broadest selection of the highest quality NdFeB magnets and other magnetic materials which are widely used in your life.



What are the uses of the magnets? Let us find the answer as below:

-Locate metal studs in a wall Seal off air-conditioning vents to improve home heating by placing vinyl-coated sheets over the steel register faces

-Hang Polaroid of projects-in-process on the lip of a metal shelf above the workbench

-Collect nails from a porch repair job that have fallen in the grass

-Prevent corrosion inside your water heater; a magnet placed on the freshwater intake pipe catches damaging metallic calcium particles before they can get inside

-Pin blueprints onto the side or hood of the truck

-Create a bulletin board without the use of tacks, tape, or hooks on walls coated with magnetized? paint containing metals

-Protect a tractor engine: Ceramic magnets placed in the oil pan will attract steel bits that get into the oil from grinding pistons

-Fasten steel framing squares to the outside of toolboxes for quick access by gluing magnets to the box sides

-Clean up metal shavings that have fallen from the bench grinder onto the workshop floor

Please let me your size or application, and we will supply suitable magnets to you.