Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG

The following is the main content of some customers’ inquiries about magnetic components and magnets

1, Please send me a price for neodym-magnet N50, Size 50x30x10 (BxLxH)CuNiCu

2, we need arc magnets:
r, R, L, degree
10mm, 7mm, 40mm, 45
22mm, 17mm, 40mm, 45
100 / 1000 pieces Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG

3, I am building a proto type Delta 3D printer and need information on you 3D Printer Ball Magnetic Joints.

4, 1) Looking for pricing when ordering magnets for mostly residential use and some commercial. I will be buying on a as needed basis only. I usually come across from 3/4″ up to 2″ copper and galvanized steel water piping.

5, I would like to know how much it would cost to get 20 gold and 20 silver in the 19mmx8mm size.

6, Hi I’m a guitar maker and also pickup marker.
Please do you have price list for guitars magnets? Bars and rods. Alnico 2,3,4,5,etc.
I need multiple type of bar.

7, I would like a quote for alnico 4, alnico 5, and alnico 2 magnets in quantities between 40 and 300. 6mm diameter if possible if not both .195 and .250 diameter. Length .630, .650, .671, .688, and .710.

8, I’m in need or a strong magnetic ball that will hold a 4ft light that will fasten on a round rod.
Please send prices. Will need 8 of them.

9, I require a large amount of Neodymium Flexible Magnet tape for a new project.
initially I require samples to test.
30 x 1.5 mm
how much will you charge me for 10 linear meters of this?
10, My name is Phil Green, of Noble Trading in Washington.
I would like to purchase Magnetic lock
Could you tell me the price of the ones you carry in stock.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,
Phil ***

10, i have those magnatic stones

11, Please for prices and delivery time for:
Disc magnet 12mm x 2mm and 20mm x 1.5mm or 20mm x 2mm

12,Please quote for 1000pcs neodyme block magnets
Dimensions: 30x12x4mm

13, I am looking for a 3 x fine pole magnet Chuck
14, I’d like to get a quote on some magnetic dogbane recess formers. I need 3 different sizes. We use Meadow Burke dogbones and are looking for what we call 2 ton, 4 ton and 8 ton in quantities of 20, 12 and 24, respectively. Customer Request Magnet

15, Hi,

I have the following inquiry:

Please offer me:
10 pieces, 20 pieces and 30 pieces.
I Need 10 -20 pieces every week.

Please offer all inclusive, also delivery.

How Long is the delivery time to Germany ?

How we have to pay ? I would like to pay with PayPal.

Thanks very much for your offer.

Best regards.
Tobias Jung & Manuel *** GbR
Manuel ***

16, Hello I would be interested in 50 or 100 pcs. Maybe order more neodymium magnets with an adhesive force of approx. 40-43kg

17, Hi can you give me a quote on the 450 kg fishing magnet and the width and height size… Also do you send to Canada… Thank you Mark.. Customer Request Magnet

18, Need ferrite permanent magnet segments, size outer diameter 160mm, inner diameter 146mm, height 60mm ,magnetization direction: axial magnetized, number of segments 8. If you can do that please send me an price

19, Hello,

I am really interesting on one of your product: N40 ring ndfeb magnet D25 mm, d5mm, t5mm with zinc plating

Is it possible to send me few samples?

After that i will probably order 1000 pcs or more.

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,


20, I need a magnetizing coil for Ceramic-Ferrite magnets. I need the magnets magnetized. It is a two pole

21, Hello my name and Davide, i’m italian boy, and I wanted to know if you could make a free quote on a series of magnets. I would need the 2 alnic magnets 3 and 5mm alnic 5mm in diameter and 17 mm in height not magnetized. 72 pieces for alnico 2 72 pieces for alnic 3 and 72 pieces for alnico 5. Thank you I’m waiting for your feedback. Good day and friendly greetings !

22, I am looking to purchase some N38 and above sew in magnets.
I would like a quote for all sizes that you carry.

23, Are these Adhesive Magnet Roll products strong enough to hold mosquito nets in car windows for example?
OR do you have better solution for covering different kind of vehicles with different kind of cloth? Customer Request Magnet

24, Hi this is ravona football.
We are interested in making Custom Magnetic T-shirt Clip. Please tell us the minimum quantity that can be produced with the soccer uniform design, like the image in the attached file. (100 ~ 200 is good.)

25, What are the prices and minimum order quantities for guitar pickup magnets?
26, interested in the 180 kg magnet. I usually buy 100pcs at a time. I would like to get specifications and price.

27, To whom it may concern,
I am ** Ebert Operations Manager for *** Thailand Co., I have reviewed your website information and I’m interested in your Liquid Plate Trap Magnetic Technology. We have a few projects coming up which would require this technology and therefore I be interested to receive additional information and if possible a quote for Liquid Plate Trap Magnets to accommodate the below sizes pipework’s w/ 150# RF flange,
2 ½” = 2 ea.
4” = 1 ea.
8” = 1 ea.
10” = 1 ea.
18” = 1 ea.
Please also include deliver time.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if your require more information

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Hard Ferrite Isotropic Multipole Ring Magnet

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