Concrete Framework Magnet Box, Shuttering Magnets -The precast concrete industry have significantly increases the production capacity and flexibility of concrete engineering.
By use the magnet box, the high energy consumption welding process is gone and the costs will sharply reduced while the work time also saved. Set magnet box on concrete formwork which is utilized to produce balcony slabs, floors, sandwich concrete panels, walls synchronously. Magnet box, a magnetic implement that widely been used in precast concrete engineering. Magnet box consist of metal casing and magnetic system with push down knob. After fixing Concrete Magnet on the platform (pallet), the magnet will firmly coupling with metal panels.

Concrete Framework Magnet Box

Concrete Framework Magnet Box

Advantages of using concrete magnet

– Even during the building process,workers could adjust the concrete formwork.

– By using concrete magnet,workers could quickly build concrete formwork according to individual architectural design.

– significantly save time that cost on installation of magnetic formwork;

– No need electric welding, which requires high energy consumption.

– Reduce damage to the concrete platform when construct concrete formwork and clean platform surface.

-Workers could contemporaneously build many concrete formworks, they could quickly produce and utilize concrete slabs.

Important informations

Steel armature have special surface treatment. Neodymium Magnet has treated with nickel anti corrosion plating.
Precast shuttering magnets is applied to concrete formwork or panel.Do not use concrete magnet directly on the concrete.
Concrete formwork system, looks like a black box with a push -pull knob and two hex bolts,Use suitable metal adapter to fix the hex nut.
The precast shuttering magnets have strong magnetic force when catching to concrete formwork. leave hands under the shuttering magnets is prohibited.

1 All NdFeB magnets used are made by our own magnet factory. We can well guarantee the quality of magnets

2 Standard producing process and strict quality checking

3 Trained working staff

4 Our know-how experts in magnetism could give you best solution on magnets to make sure the strong holding force of the concrete magnet

5 Competitive price, stable quality, in time response

Delivery & Packing:

Popular Model: 5-10 days after receipt of payment

Customer Tailored Size: 15-20days

Packing: Plywood Box.

Detailed specifications:

1.Size: As per the table. Customer tailored design are available.

2.Material: NdFeB magnets + Metal House (well surface treatment from corrosion)

3.Coating:As Per customers requirement.

4.Certificates: ISO9001:2000,ROHS


Demagnetization analysis on magnet box


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