Colorful Rubber Coated Ceramic Disc Magnets Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Holds through several pieces of paper to steel surface
Made of Ceramic magnet covered with silixon rubber
Includes one red, blue, yellow and green disc shape magnet
Each disc is approximately 1-1/8″ diameter

Silicon rubber coated ceramic magnet discs are attractive, fun and colorful. They are used for decorating, holding projects & pictures, and posting important memos, letters, or notices to steel surfaces. Made from ceramic magnet material, a rigid magnet material strong enough to hold through several pieces of paper. Finished with colorful and durable silicon rubber.

Painted magnets – Our company produces colorful office magnets in five basic colors. As a standard, we are offering colorful office magnets with diameters of 15, 16, 20 and 26 mm; the thickness of them is always 5 mm. You can buy these magnets directly, using the following internet trading table, both separately packed and commercially packed in 10 pieces.

Colorful Rubber Coated Ceramic Disc Magnets Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Colorful Rubber Coated Ceramic Disc Magnets Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

These great Colorful Rubber Coated Ceramic Disc Magnets are coated with a durable layer of plastic. The 3/4″ x 3/8″ dimensions are the finished dimensions of the plastic coating. These discs can be slammed together many times without damage. They won”t mark or scratch surfaces they come in contact with. They are also completely waterproof and weatherproof. Please note: Slight color variation may occur from order to order.

I just got Colorful Rubber Coated Ceramic Disc Magnets today and they are pretty good weighty magnets for my shower curtain that I cut down. I put them on the curtain as soon as I opened up the package. I placed them so each pair snapped to each other. It was only enough to weigh down one side and the middle (the other end had a magnet within the curtain lining so i had a fridge magnet snapped to that one). They worked to an extent. I figured they were for showers with tubs. There was still a slight movement coming in on me but not as much as before. I may need one more set for my curtain. I do like that the magnets are fully covered in the rubber. That way they won’t rust. The magnets cling to each other well.. takes a little finger strength to get them apart. I’m not fond of getting one colour each. I wish there were sets with 4 of the same colour.

Needed rubber coated magnets for a bath shower liner, and these are like the only ones that exist. They are perfect for use in the shower. If one should fall, they won’t chip a steel tub since they are coated. CONSTRUCTION TIP: To stick your shower liner to the wall to seal water from getting on the floor, silicone a couple of stainless steel coins (5 peso coins work great) to the tile wall above the edge of the tub, one about 4″ above the lip of the tub and the other about 3/8″ above the tub lip. Buy some Rustoleum enamel spray paint, the same color as your tile and give them a couple of coats before applying a dab of silicone to glue them to your tile. Since the coins are steel, they are magnetic. When you get in the shower and before turning on the water, simply pull the liner against your tile wall and place the magnets on top of the liner where the steel coins are underneath. The liner will be held perfectly against the wall with no water on the floor. This works great and forever solves your water problem on the floor. Remove when exiting the shower, and store on a counter or bath shelf til next time.

It took a bit of work to figure out the best way to use these on the bottom of my shower curtain. We placed two pairs of these at the bottom, one pair on one end of the curtain and the other pair at the other end. But when you opened the curtain the pairs would attract each other and it would be frustrating to straighten them out. So we just place all four magnets in the middle at the bottom. The weight of the magnets keeps the shower curtain hanging straight down.

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