Choose flexible magnet type – Flexible magnets can be used in a wide variety of different ways. Each type has particular features which specialise them for these tasks.

Choose flexible magnet type

Choose flexible magnet type

Flexible magnetic sheets
Flexible magnetic label car sign on a car
For creating a car sign, the best type of flexible magnet to choose would be a flexible magnetic sheet, also known as a magnetic label. The flexible magnetic sheet has a larger width than the other varieties of flexible magnet and can also be used in a laser jet printer which is ideal for placing advertisements on a car.

Flexible warehouse magnets
Removing the card on a flexible warehouse magnet
The flexible warehouse magnet is the type of flexible magnet most suited to labelling. It is particularly useful due to the removable card inside which can be written upon and replaced when necessary; this makes it perfect for stock rotation in a warehouse.

Flexible magnetic tape
Making a fridge magnet with flexible magnetic tape and a photograph
If you need a flexible magnet for arts and crafts purposes then the best type to choose would be a flexible magnetic tape. This is because the flexible magnetic tape can come with adhesive on one side making it ideal for use in tasks such as creating your own fridge magnets.

What is flexible magnet application

What is a flexible magnet?

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