Ceramic Magnets Manufacturing Methods – Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets are produced by calcining a mixture of iron oxide and strontium carbonate to form a metallic oxide. A multiple stage milling operation reduces the calcined material to a small particle size. The powder is then compacted in a die by one of two methods. In the first method, the powder is compacted dry which develops an isotropic magnet with weaker magnetic properties, but with better dimensional tolerances. Often times a dry pressed magnet does not require finish grinding. In the second method, the powder is mixed with water to form slurry. The slurry is compacted in a die in the presence of a magnetic field. The applied field creates an anisotropic magnet which exhibits superior magnetic properties, but usually requires finish grinding.



The compacted parts which approximate the finished geometry are then sintered at high temperatures to achieve the final fusion of the individual particles. Final shaping is achieved by diamond abrasives. Usually the pole faces of the ceramic (ferrite) magnets will be ground and the remaining surfaces will exhibit “as sintered” tolerances and physical characteristics.

ferrite customized magnets

Customized Shaped Ferrite Magnets

Customized Shaped Ferrite Magnets, Special / Irregular shape Hard Ferrite Sintered Magnets, Customized Ceramic Magnet Customized Shaped Ferrite Magnets also known as ceramic custom magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions and different proportions or scales. Our customer shaped ferrite magnets are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet. Various shaped ferrite magnets […]ceramic Magnets Manufacturing Methods

ferrite segment arc magnets

Ferrite Segment Magnets

Ferrite Segment Magnets, Sintered Hard Ferrite Arc/Segment Magnets, Motor/Generator Ferrite Permanent Magnets Ferrite Segment Magnets also known as ceramic arc / segment magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions and different proportions or scales. Our ferrite segments (arcs) are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet. Large ceramic arc segment magnets are often used […]ceramic Magnets Manufacturing Methods

Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization

Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization, Ceramic Rotor Magnets, Ferrite Tube Magnets, Multipole Ferrite Magnets Ferrite Rotor Magnets with Multipole Magnetization, also called ceramic rotor magnets, are widely used in rotor for generator or electric motor, DC brushless motors, permanent magnet motors (used in cars) and etc. Our multipole is 2 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, 24 poles. Rotor Ferrite Magnets have […] ceramic Magnets Manufacturing Methods

ferrite ceramic cylinder magnets

Ferrite Cylinder Magnets

Ferrite Cylinder Magnets, Sintered Hard Ferrite Cylinder / Rod / Bar Magnets, Cylindrical Ferrite Permanent Magnets Ferrite cylinder magnets also called ceramic magnets, are widely used in speakers for home and car audio systems as they suppress high frequency noise in electronic circuits. Ferrite Rod Magnets have the widest magnetic field of all magnets and good resistance […]

ferrite ring magnets

Ferrite Ring Magnets

Ferrite Ring Magnets, Sintered Hard Ferrite Ring Magnets, Ceramic Ring Magnets Ferrite ring magnets also known as ceramic rings, are often used in loudspeakers and in resonance imaging and torque drives. Some applications for this permanent magnet are: speaker, holding, door closures, joinery, and light fixture. Our ferrite rings are comparable to disc magnets but with a hole in the […]

ferrite disc magnets

Ferrite Disc Magnets

Ferrite Disc Magnets, Sintered Hard Ferrite Disc / Disk Magnets, Ceramic Disc Magnets, Round Ceramic Magnets Ferrite Disc Magnets also called Ceramic Disc Magnets, come in a variety of sizes, as a low cost magnetic material they are to be found across a broad range of magnetic therapeutic uses, on the back of three dimensional fridge magnets, toys, office […]