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Pot Magnets

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What is a pot magnet?

steel shell of pot magnet A pot magnet is a permanent magnet encased in a steel shell, which is sometimes called a pot, hence the name 'pot' magnet. A permanent magnet emits a magnetic field without the need for any electricity. Magnetic field lines of a pot magnet The steel shell helps the [...]

May 4th, 2016|Magnetic Field, Pot Magnets|

Hanging with Magnets: The Right Kind of Magnetic Hook for the Job

Hanging Magnets: The Right Kind of Magnetic Hook for the Job You need to hang something up but can’t seem to find a hook to hang it on. It’s a problem everyone has at some point. If you have a metallic surface available to you, then the answer could be a magnetic hook. Magnetic hooks [...]

Trash-ure Hunting Hotspots by Search Retrieving Magnets

This post I go over magnet fishing spots that have a high chance of success for hitting something of (scrap or real) value. Fishingman Search Retrieving Magnets FOR Hunting. Fishing ponds / lakes, many fishermen lose lures and hooks and have no choice but to leave them. Those things actually hold some value. It helps to [...]

April 19th, 2016|Neodymium Magnets, Pot Magnets, Retrieving Magnets|

How to Go Fishing With Magnets

Magnet fishing is more like going treasure hunting in the water than it is like actual fishing. In other words, you won’t catch any fish with this method, unless they are made completely of iron or some other strongly magnetic material. Some treasure hunters throw magnets in lakes and other water ways to attract magnetic [...]

April 15th, 2016|Magnet Projects, Pot Magnets, Retrieving Magnets|

What do I need to go magnet fishing?

To go magnet fishing you only need two things: 1. A magnet with some kind of hole in it. 2. A rope as strong as the weight the magnet can hold. The magnets You need a strong magnet you are able to attach the rope to. It either has to have a hole in it [...]

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