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Shuttering Magnets

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What is precast concrete?

What is precast concrete? Precast concrete – a construction method using prefabricated reinforced concrete elements – is gaining popularity worldwide. Initially developed in the Nordic countries in the 1950s, modular precast has proven itself one of the fastest, most profitable, sustainable, and cost-effective ways to build. Precast is a method for industrialized construction Precast is [...]

Shuttering Magnet Systems

Shuttering Magnet Systems Magnet shuttering enhances mold preparation process Lowering overall manufacturing costs and accelerating production are in the mind of every precast plant owner. The good news is that you can start to improve with small steps, which do not require massive investments. Here are few examples of how utilizing right shuttering materials and [...]


MAGNET SHUTTERING SYSTEM FAME How to choose a shuttering system for precast production? Are you new to precast and wondering how to prepare high-quality precast panels and slabs with molds? Or maybe you just want to find a new, more efficient way of shuttering for sandwich panels, solid slabs, beams, columns, and other precast walls? [...]

Concrete Formwork Magnet System

Construction Precast Concrete Cerment Formwork Magnet, Concrete Formwork Magnet System (magnetic block lock system).The main function of this system is to completing the cement injection into a formwork structure , after concrete is hardened, removing the structure then assembling the dry walls and roofs to build house or apartment fast conveniently and fast. It is [...]

Concrete Formwork Shuttering Magnet

Concrete Formwork Shuttering Magnet The precast concrete industry has been searching for a more economical and efficient formwork method. In the past, some conventional magnets were used to position and fasten the formwork, but considerable mechanical loads with a hammer were required, which was easy to damage the magnets and the surface of the expensive [...]

Concrete Framework Magnet Box

Concrete Framework Magnet Box, Shuttering Magnets -The precast concrete industry have significantly increases the production capacity and flexibility of concrete engineering. By use the magnet box, the high energy consumption welding process is gone and the costs will sharply reduced while the work time also saved. Set magnet box on concrete formwork which is utilized [...]

HSMAG Shuttering Magnet Quality Control

HSMAG Shuttering Magnet Quality Control We take the quality of our Shuttering Magnet products as the most important part since established, we have fully experienced workmates at every production stages in order to confirm the products are of the highest quality before deliver to our customers. This is not just an promise but what we [...]

What is Shuttering profile Shutters Form works

What is Shuttering profile Shutters Form works After lowering the Shutters Form works, shuttering profiles on the marking the integrated magnets are activated and locked. The shuttering profile is pressed precisely to the shuttering by the integrated magnets. Shuttering profile Shutters Form works Shuttering profile / Shutters are manufactured / custom-made as per [...]

Precast Formwork Shutter Magnet

Precast Formwork Shutter Magnet are used for building constructions , shuttering magnets is a formwork holder, or cement hold magnet box which made of steel and Block Magnet .The structure of concrete magnet is very trim, every mechanic part are well welded thus the structure is also very stable. Construction workers could adjust the magnetic [...]


MAGNET BOX MAINTENANCE MANUAL HSMAG magnet box is the new magnetic fixture designed for fixing precast concrete formwork, compared to the traditional way of bolted fixing, magnet box can be disassembled quickly with flexible operation, strong holding force, and consequently improve the work efficiency, reduce man power, low down the wastage of the steel platform, [...]

Demagnetization analysis on magnet box

Demagnetization analysis on magnet box magnet box demagnetization analysis - With the rapid development of construction industrialization in developing countries, more and more PC factories began to use magnet box to fix sideform, but many factories also complain, there will be obvious demagnetization after a period of time using the magnet box, . Since the [...]

Precast Shuttering Magnets

Precast Shuttering Magnets are used in precast concrete engineering. Fix the precast shuttering magnet the magnet will firmly coupling with metal panels. The use of precast shuttering magnets is a quickly solution to shape and design concrete formworks. - Even during the building process,workers could adjust the concrete formwork. Precast Shuttering Magnets - [...]

How to assembly shuttering magnets

How to Assembly Shuttering Magnets Assembly Shuttering Magnets are mainly composed with sintered neodymium magnets and steel plates. The magnets and steel parts are machined into shapes with holes in advance. Later the workers need to assembly the magnets and steel parts with screws piece by piece. During the processing of assembling, workers should take notice [...]

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG After lowering the shuttering profiles on the marking the integrated magnets are activated and locked. The shuttering profile is pressed precisely to the shuttering by the integrated magnets. Custom Trapezoid Void Forming Magnets Shuttering profile / Shutters are manufactured / custom-made as per client’s [...]

2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet

2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet Material: Steel Box with Button, Strong Neodymium Magnets Surface Treatment: Black Oxidation Treatment Max Working Temperature: 80℃ or as per needs 2100kg Button Magnet or Shuttering Magnet Description: 2100kg button magnet or shuttering magnet widely used in prestressed concrete system construction. It’s consist of powerful neodymium magnets [...]

Shuttering Magnets for Precast Concrete Industry

shuttering_magnetic_box_with_color_zinc_plating Shuttering Magnets for Precast Concrete Industry, Magnetic shuttering and formwork systems for precast concrete production We offer a wide range of magnetic holder systems for production of prefabricated concrete elements. Magnets are available with formwork profile and integrated magnets (Formwork System) or as separate units (Magnetic holders, shuttering magnets), which can be [...]

Precast Concrete Magnets

  Precast concrete magnets are a useful and a high tech method of fixing formwork to the casting bed. They are made from rare earth materials, which give higher pull off strengths than other magnet materials. The magnets are designed so that the magnetic portion is layered with steel to spread the magnetic flux and [...]

Shuttering Magnet

Hangseng Magnetech produced professional shuttering magnet for precast plant which use steel platform in their workshop. We have seven specs magnetic shuttering export to many countries. The shuttering magnet will provide various shapes on steel platform to match construction design. The Shutter Magnets is a reliable and strong products to fix wood or steel plate on the steel platform. The shuttering [...]


PERMANENT ADHESIVE MAGNETS ARE USED IN PRECAST CONCRETE PLANTS FOR THE SAFE POSITIONING OF FORMWORK PROFILES. EFFECTIVE CORROSION INHIBITING COATING Permanent adhesive magnets are used in precast concrete plants for the safe positioning of formwork profiles. The innovation of magnetic systems has led to light rare-earth magnet strips with high adhesive force. These systems have [...]

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