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Magnet Test

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Laboratory Magnets

Laboratory Magnets, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Magnets Our testing laboratory houses a range of laboratory equipment, representing smaller scaled versions of our industrial product range. Magnets used in Research Laboratories often present some magnetic challenges. HSMAG Magnet  are frequently asked to provide a magnetic assembly with a specific shape or strength of field for a particular [...]

Magnetic King – Neodymium Magnet was Thrown into the Mixer

Magnetic King - Neodymium Magnet was Thrown into the Mixer, Sparks were flying pressed into powder, a rare experiment When the magnet was discovered, it is the world's largest magnetic energy product. It has super magnetic force. This is the excellent magnetic property, which makes it widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, medical equipment, toys, [...]

Magnetic Capacity Measurement

Magnetic Capacity Measurement 1. Magnetic capacity measurement a) Magnetic Properties: Br, Hcb, Hcj,(BH)max, Hk, Ms,μrec, Hk/ Hcj etc. b) The test instrument used is the Hysteresisgraph tester. c) Hcj value between 50 and 20,000 Oe can be measured. 2. Magnetic Properties at high and low temperatures (-40 to 250 ºC): Properties tested at any temperature [...]

NdFeB Plating Difficulties

NdFeB Plating Difficulties 1.The chemical activity in the material is extremely strong Neodymium iron boron parts even when in contact with water will produce hydrogen and corrosion,so: ①The use of acid and alkali before plating treatment should not be too strong, otherwise the material matrix is susceptible to corrosion, and the reaction between chlorine and [...]

Magnetic Design and Prototyping

Magnetic Design and Prototyping HSMAG’s engineers can assist in designing new systems and in selecting optimal material for your magnetic application. Services we offer include magnetic modelling and prototyping. Magnetic Modelling HSMAG has 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling capabilities to analyse magnetic components and assemblies. Analysis includes material selection and optimization of [...]

Magnet Angle Deviation

Magnet Angle Deviation Due to the manufacture tolerances in pressing and machining of the magnets, the geometrical axle and magnetizing axle of the magnet usually are not parallel, but differ from each other with a certain angle. This is called angle deviation. Magnet Angle Deviation HSMAG can guarantee an angle deviation less than [...]

Magnetizing Machine

Magnetizing Machine In magnetizing the magnetic domains inside of a magnet are aligned with the magnetizing field. If the magnetizing field strength is high enough, all the domains will be aligned and the magnet is said to be magnetized to saturation. Magnetizing to saturation is usually recommended as only then are the magnetic properties of [...]

Magnetic Working Point

Magnetic Working Point Magnetic Working point (Magnetic operating point) is a point, where the working line (load line) intersects the magnet's B-H demagnetization curve, and indicates the B and H state of the magnet in the magnetic circuit. Knowing the working point is essentia lasit makes possible to forecast the magnetic flux density Bd that [...]

Optical Isolator Magnet

Optical Isolator Magnet The optical isolator is an optical component which allows the transmission of light in only one direction. It can be used to prevent reflected light feedback into the optical device. Optical isolator has been widely used in optical communication and laser field. The optical isolator mainly exploited the Faraday Effect of the [...]

Permanent Magnet Stabilizing and Calibrating

Permanent Magnet Stabilizing and Calibrating Permanent magnets are utilized in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, many of which require these magnets to function in a highly stable and consistent manner. Variables such as temperature, and demagnetizing fields will impact performance, but these effects can be mitigated through stabilization or calibration. Our new [...]

Power Smash Neodymium Magnets GIF

Power Smash Neodymium Magnets GIF   Sintered Neodymium Block Permanent Magnets Sintered Neodymium Block Permanent Magnets, Rare Earth Neodymium Rectangle Magnets, Customized Rectangular Neodymium Magnets, Super Strong Block Shaped Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets China Factory Product name Customized Sintered Rare Earth Sintered Neodymium Block Permanent Magnets features: 1.Grade: N35, N38, N40, N42, N48, N50, N52 [...]

Neodymium Magnets Watch GIF

Neodymium Magnets Watch GIF, Two Super Strong Block Neodymium Magnets impact Watch Test GIF Neodymium Magnets Watch GIF

Neodymium Magnet APPLE GIF

Neodymium Magnet APPLE GIF, Two Super Strong Block Neodymium Magnets impact APPLE Test GIF  

HSMAG Water Treatment Magnet in China

HSMAG Water Treatment Magnet, Magnetic Water Softener, Magnetic Water Treatment Device  in China Water Treatment Magnet: Neodymium magnets have application on water purifier too. Nowadays, the Sintered Neodymium Magnet and Ferrite Magnet can be used for making water purifier which plays important role in human daily life. magnetic water treatment device How does the [...]

Magnetic Pull Force Explained

Magnetic Pull Force Explained Magnetic Pull Force Explained - Breakaway force, holding force, fixturing force – “How can all of these represent the same measurement?” a younger engineer recently inquired. Engineers and non-engineers alike can be puzzled trying to understand some of the commonly used – but potentially misinterpreted – terms related to the concept [...]

Choosing a Permanent Magnet Have 3 Key Parameters

Choosing a Permanent Magnet Have 3 Key Parameters Choosing a Permanent Magnet - Every type of permanent magnet has a unique set of characteristics that can affect how is performs in various applications. When evaluating magnet options for your project, pay attention to the following: 1. Temperature One of the most important parameters to consider [...]

Neodymium vs. SmCo Magnets used for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Neodymium vs. SmCo Magnets used for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Permanent Magnets Dominate EV Neodymium vs. SmCo Magnets - Vehicle electrification is a growing market for rare earth magnets. Consumption of rare earth magnets in transportation is estimated to rise from 7,000 tons in 2015 to 17,000 tons in 2020. Government mandates to reduce pollution, as [...]

Simple Distinguishing Method of MnZn Ferrite and NiZn Ferrite

Simple Distinguishing Method of MnZn Ferrite and NiZn Ferrite MnZn Ferrite - Manganese zinc ferrite (MXO) and NiZn Ferrite - nickel zinc ferrite (NXO) is the production of soft ferrite in the most species, the most widely used two series core components. We know that for the TV line for the output transformer U-core, deflection [...]


What is gaussmeter? Gaussmeter, also known as a magnetometer, is a device used to measure the strength and direction of a magnetic field. Small, hand-held versions are available and the user can carry it with him to monitor magnetic fields as he walks. gaussmeter If the person holding it walks closer to the [...]

How is magnet strength tested?

The strength of a magnet is indicated by either its pull force or its magnetic field strength. A magnet's strength is always stated in the product information for a magnet, however manufacturers use the following methods to discern this: Pull force The pull force of a magnet is the amount of force required to pull [...]

How grade choice affects performance when the NdFeB magnet is subjected to heat

It is possible to demagnetise a Neodymium magnet by applying an external magnetic field in a direction opposite to the direction of magnetisation (DoM) of the NdFeB magnet. The extent of demagnetisation is a function of the total magnetic circuit (and hence the Intrinsic working point), the temperature (and hence the actual BH curve shape [...]

How a magnet is demagnetised by applying an external magnetic field

For note, the effects of temperature and external demagnetising fields are easiest to calculate on NdFeB magnets that may be demagnetised as a result of such exposure if cgs units are used (Gauss, Tesla, MGOe) as cgs units allow faster production of new BH curves. When a new Intrinsic BH curve for Neodymium has been [...]

3D Printed Stir Plate Magnet Mounting-Thingy

You probably know that since getting my XYZPrinting Da Vinci 3D Printer I’ve been on a quest to come up with a 3D printed stir plate design. Note that these projects are certainly already out there (including designs specifically for mounting magnets on fans), but these designs are typically – “here’s what I put together [...]

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies HS Magnetech recently announced the design and development of a 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly for a Magnetic Research and Development application in the medical industry. We developed this “C” magnet technology to induce a high magnetic field into a defined area. The “C” magnet is one [...]

Protective Coatings / Surface Finish for Neodymium Magnets

Protective Coatings Surface Finish for Neodymium Magnets A Neodymium magnet does not corrode and will retain its performance theoretically forever in dry environment (if not subjected to excessive heat, radiation or strong external magnetic fields). However, if it is placed in a wet environment, the result may be the opposite. The within-structure Iron [...]