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Toy Magnets

New Customer Product N52 D9.5mm Neodymium Magnetic Balls

New Customer Product N52 D9.5mm Neodymium Magnetic Balls Recently, HSMAG has new USA customer in toy industy, and has a kind of N52 permanent magnetic balls available and can be sent out immediately. Material: sintered NdFeB magnets (neodymium iron boron) Grade: N52 Size: D9.5mm Magnetized or not: magnetized Magnetization direction: through axis neodymium ball magnets [...]

Magnetic Toys Still Attract Safety Concerns

Magnetic toys still attract safety concerns Magnetic toys - Buckyballs, Magnet Balls, Zen Magnets, NeoCube, and others have been marketed as adult desk toys In 2009 the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the sale of children’s toys that included super-strong magnets. It had received dozens of reports of kids swallowing them, resulting in serious injuries [...]

About Neocubes

About Neocubes, “Buckyballs”, “Nanodots”, “NeoMagnets” The Neocubes magnetic balls in HSMAG are used as micro construction blocks to build awesome sculptures and psychedelic patterns. Neocubes are the future of puzzles, the Rubik cube on steroids, the space age gadget of tomorrow available today. About Neocubes Neocubes are more than simple construction balls. The [...]

Learning with Neocubes BuckyBalls for Education

Learning with Neocubes BuckyBalls for Education and Toys - Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys Buy an colorful BuckyBalls (Neocubes) and get one of the fascinating toys - but it’s is not only for kids, also adults can have a lot of fun with the magnetic balls. Create different kinds of shapes and designs - billions [...]

Neocube, Buckyballs, Magnetic Balls, Zen Magnets, Nano Dots, Cybercube

Magnetic balls– powerful neodymium magnets the neo cube! buy neocube, Neocube Magnets, Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, Nanodots, Cybercube, Magcube, The Neo Cube, Neoxcube, NeoCubix, Eurocube, neoClicks, Cubognetic We supply HSMAG magnetic balls whosd size from 3mm to 10mm.There are 216 magnetic spheres in one set. They are very amaZing. We supply neocube toys (magnetic spheres) whose size is from [...]

Golden Magnetic Plasticine Thinking Putty

Golden Magnetic Plasticine Thinking Putty Polymer Clay Funny Toys Magnet Kids Gifts Golden Magnetic Plasticine Thinking Putty Description: Looking for a gift for someone on your list who has been more naughty than nice this year? Give them a tin of Thinking Putty. The golden Thinking Putty is hot and funny. It deserves your possession. [...]

The Mystery of the Horseshoe Magnet

When a person things of a magnet, generally the first thing that comes to mind is the red horseshoe with the silver tips. Odds are, your first exposure to a magnet was one just like the ones HSMAG Magnets sells for the science classroom: a horseshoe shaped magnet. Why a horseshoe? What is the advantage [...]

What To Do With Monster Magnets

What To Do With Monster Magnets - You can use small neodymium magnets for any number of simple crafts and DIY projects, but what about huge, monster magnets? Scary magnets are large and usually used for industrial purposes or for science experiments in a laboratory. This is because they are dangerous to handle. The most [...]

Magnet Applications

Magnet Applications, magnets for Speaker, Motor, Toy, Sensor, Switch Speaker magnets are important components in speakers Majority of speaker magnets are made from ferrites, the cost is 10 times less than NdFeB magnets. More and more speaker magnets are made from NdFeB or NdNiCo. They are processed through sintering and electroplating. NdFeB magnets for speakers are used in high-quality speakers, [...]

Product Recall? Swallow Buckyballs Are Dangerous

Swallow Buckyballs Dangerous - The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled an adult office toy because children keep swallowing it. The manufacturer is resisting and sales are booming This is why we can’t have nice things. People keep swallowing them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has requested a recall of the magnetic toys known [...]

Buckyballs Dangerous Objects Kids Like to Swallow

This week doctors in Portland, Ore., removed 37 Buckyballs — small, high-powered rare earth magnets — from 3-year-old Payton Bushnell’s stomach. The magnets had clustered together and punched holes in the toddler’s stomach and intestines, but doctors say she is expected to recover fully after surgery. This is far from the first time a child [...]

September 1st, 2016|HSMAG News, NeoCube, Sphere Magnets, Toy Magnets|

Is Proposed Recall on Magnet Toys Unfair?

Proposed Ban on Magnet Toys Has Buckyballs Crying Foul - Buckyballs Customer Contribution: HSMAG customer Craig Zucker write the magnet toy’s archive, thank him. Buckyballs, a toy made up of small magnetic beads that can be molded into different shapes, is one of the most popular office toys on the market. Magnet Toys buckyballs Marketed to [...]

How to Play Magnetic Olive?

Magnetic Olive, Magnetic Snake Eggs, Rattlesnake Eggs, Buzz Magnet, Magnetic Sound Magnetic Olive Toss the Magnetic Olive into the air. The two hematite magnets fly and collide, wrestling for equilibrium in a clattering, buzzing, Cicada sounding collision until they land at rest, centered and quiet in your cupped hands. A pair of powerful ellipsoidal hematite magnets, [...]

Sphere Magnets create Magnetic Baggu

Sphere Magnets create Magnetic Baggu Sphere-Magnets-Magnetic-Baggu Customer Contribution: Our customer Lisa Tylflon send us these photos of the difference some sphere or ball magnets made to create magnetic baggu, so it is cool. Another interesting object created using only sphere magnets (NeoCube) from our very creative user Lisa Tylflon – A Magnetic Baggu! What I found interesting [...]

Powerful magnets in toys raise risks from swallowing

dangerous-child-magnets-x-ray-horizontal Several months ago, Meaghin and Jonathan Jordan were strolling through a shop near their home in Kiln, Mississippi, when they spotted a box of high-powered magnets that could be arranged and rearranged into various shapes. "We said, 'These look neat. This would be something fun for us to do,'" Meaghin recalls. So [...]

Neocubes & Ningboballs Specifications

A Neocubes & Ningboballs is a strong magnetic sphere with two poles – one of which attracts, while the other repels. This is a natural phenomenon. This effect can be demonstrated using only two spheres. It only becomes a true puzzle once you put many Neocubes & Ningboballs together and start forming shapes. Countless options! A standard [...]

Neocube Magnet Puzzle Toy

Neocube magnet puzzle toy Neocube magnet puzzle toy - powerful neodymium magnets the neo cube! buy neocube, Neocube Magnets, Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, Nanodots, Cybercube, Magcube, The Neo Cube, Neoxcube, NeoCubix, Eurocube, neoClicks, Cubognetic Neocube is a totally original toy composed of magnetic balls which can be pulled, shaped, snapped, and molded together in unlimited ways. Neocube [...]

NeoCube Magnet Sets FAQ

NeoCube Magnet Sets FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS of NeoCube Magnet Sets, Strong Powful Neocube Q. Why is Strong Force urging purchasers to discard the NeoCube magnet sets? A. If two or more magnets are swallowed, they can link together inside a child's intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing severe injuries. Internal injury from magnets [...]

Neocube Magnets Set Safety Warning

Super Powerful Buckyballs Neocube Dark Blue Neocube Magnets Set Safety Warning by HangSeng Magnetech Inc. In cooperation with the Consumer product Safety Commission, Strong Force, Inc. urges purchasers of NeoCube magnet sets to immediately discard the sets, including all of the component magnets. The HSMAG has warned consumers that if two or more [...]

“Toy” Magnets Are Dangerous for Children

Sets of tiny, strong magnets were sold as adult toys but often were swallowed by children, resulting in serious injury and even death. The magnets, or a magnet and another metal object, stuck to each other, even through folds of intestine or tissue. This pinched off blood supply to the area, causing tissue death, bleeding, [...]

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