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Mounting Magnets

//Mounting Magnets

Rare-Earth Magnet Cup & Washer Sets

Rare-Earth Magnet Cup & Washer Sets, countersunk magnet, ndfeb pot magnet, mounting magnets Cup & Washer Sets Rare-Earth Magnet- Using rare-earth magnets with our counterbored zinc-plated steel cups and washers is an excellent way to make a wide range of fastening systems, such as closures in cabinet doors or box lids. Mounting magnets in cups increases [...]

The Kind of Magnetic Hooks

The Kind of Magnetic Hooks and Hanging Magnets You need to hang something up but can’t seem to find a hook to hang it on. It’s a problem everyone has at some point. If you have a metallic surface available to you, then the answer could be a magnetic hook. Magnetic hooks come in all [...]

New Products GPS Antenna Magnetic Mount

HSMAG New Products GPS Antenna Magnetic Mount Magnetic Mount - Rubber Coated  Round Base Magnet: These products are mainly used for GPS Antenna Magnetic A Mount Pot Magnet Used: Round Base Magnet with Rubber Coated and Steel Size: OD 3.47 Inch, Cup height 0.326 Inch, Thread M6 gps-antenna-magnetic-mount It's a heavy duty magnetic mount [...]

Cylindrical Magnet AlNiCo, with fitting tolerance h6

Cylindrical Magnet AlNiCo, Magnetic core magnetic system with fitting tolerance h6 Cylindrical Magnet AlNiCo BY HSMAG - The holding surface is polished. In order to fully take advantage of the holding force specified, allow a protrusion of approx. 1.5 mm above the installation surface when installing the magnetic system or enlarge the mounting borehole around the holding [...]