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How a Cow Magnet Can Save a Cow’s Life ?

Cow magnets from HSMAG Onlin-Shop. Customer Contribution: Our customer Jose write the archive and share it to us, We put it on our blog for you. Not only are they used in a cow's stomach, I also find them scattered throughout my entire house because the Roy love playing with these magnets that buy from HSMAG. All of [...]

Three Quick Methods to Find Your “Cow Magnets”?

Cow Magnet Customer Contribution: Our customer Montvelisky write the cow magnet’s archive, thank him. Looking for your “Cow Magnet” is not hard, and the main challenge is to re-define your problems in a way that will let you find “other” possible solutions. Following are three methods I use to achieve this. Method 1 – Look at [...]

Use “Cow Magnets” to Solve Your Biggest Challenges!

Cow Magnets Customer Contribution: Our customer Joel Montvelisky send us these photos and write the cow magnet's archive. This weekend I went with my family to a Robotic Dairy Farm. Obviously the kids had a blast with the cows, and my oldest son made me proud by showing off his cow-milking skills, or at least how [...]

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