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Microwave Ferrites

//Microwave Ferrites

Microwave Magnet Generator

Microwave Magnet Generator AUTHOR Allan FROM HSMAG CUSTOMER As I promised quite some time ago,I have finally found the time to get back to work on this generator. This is the dual stator,with 96 magnets on 3 plates(1/2" tk.) Test on a single coil has produced 12Vac with .8 ohms resistance, this was tested in [...]

What Causes The Microwave Magnet To Fail

What Causes The Microwave Magnet To Fail At some time throughout the cooking process, every microwave has had the difficulty of not warming the foods inside the oven. However, have you considered why this is the case? What causes the microwave magnet to fail? If you already know the solution, that’s because the magnet in [...]

In Microwaves, What Kind Of Microwave Magnets Are There

In Microwaves, What Kind Of Microwave Magnets Are There Your old microwave includes some electronics worth saving, but the true prize is the magnetron’s two rather powerful ring microwave magnets. It takes some effort to obtain them, but it is well worth the effort. The microwave magnets are quite brittle, so don’t try to force [...]

How To Remove Microwave Magnets In Microwave Oven

How To Remove Microwave Magnets In Microwave Oven How To Take Out The Magnets From Your Microwave What You’ll Need To Get Started To disassemble a microwave, you’ll need tools; your bare fingers won’t suffice. A collection of screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes. Cutters for wire. Pliers. Clip with an alligator. Hammer (you’ll only [...]

How are Magnets Used in Microwaves “The Magnetron”?

How are Magnets Used in Microwaves “The Magnetron”? Imagine that you’ve had a long day at work, and afterwards you hop in your car and blast your favorite song, then return home to toss your favorite frozen dinner in the microwave. Believe it or not, but all of this wouldn't be possible without magnets. The [...]

Three Types of Ferrite Magnet and Its Respective Use

Three Types of Ferrite Magnet and Its Respective Use According to different production processes, ferrite permanent magnet materials can be divided into three types: sintered ferrite magnet, bonded ferrite (Rubber magnet) and injection molded ferrite. According to different orientations of magnetic crystals, these three types of processes can be divided into Isotropic and allotropic magnets. [...]

Magnetic Material Classification

Magnetic Material Classification, The classification of magnetic material According to the magnetic  material under action of external magnetic field, the material is divided into anti magnetic material, anti ferromagnetic material, magnetic material. The latter two are strong magnetic material, magnetic material is widely used in science and technology. Magnetic materials classification generally divided into metallic [...]

Microwave Ferrites – HSMAG New Products !

Microwave Ferrites and Ceramics, Grantes - HSMAG New Products ! In recent years due to success in the field of microwave electronics a lot of devices of different applications were produced. The prospects for future development of microwave systems with predetermined characteristics are mainly assigned by ferrite choise. However the choise of a material for [...]

Ferrites and Dielectrics

Ferrites and Dielectrics Ferrites As a pioneer in the production of low-loss non-reciprocal microwave components, we use only high-quality carefully-chosen raw materials for our ferrite manufacturing. The entire operation, from raw oxide powder processing to sintering, to cutting and grinding is in-house. We therefore have full control of all stages of the process and there [...]

Ferrite-based components (Microwave)

From milliwatt to megawatt: Our technology fulfills tasks in the complete range. Ferrite-based components (Microwave). Ferrite-based components As pioneers of microwave technology we have been developing and producing ferrite-based non-reciprocal microwave components for more than 10 years. The core of these components consists of a statically pre-magnetised microwave ferrite. We dispose of a specialist [...]


We are able to complement our well-known, high-performance ceramic FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT materials with high-quality microwave ceramics and ferrites in China: Microwave ferrites: Spinels: 4pMS up to 5,000 Gauss; Ni-Zn, Mg-Mn, Li-Ferrites, losses Garnets: low loss – high efficiency; Al-YIG, Al-Gd, Al-In, Ca-V-In YIG Dielectric ferrite composites: Single and/or double toroidal formats for phase converters Dielectric ceramic [...]

Microwave Ferrite Circulator

Microwave Ferrite Circulator This microwave circulator is a microstrip design with a 12 mm radius. The magnetized ferrite material has a biasing field of 300 Oe in the -z direction perpendicular to the circulator plane and a saturation magnetization of 300 Gauss. The three microstrip lines forming the ports are terminated with 120 ohm resistors [...]


FERRITES FOR YOUR MICROSTRIP CIRCULATORS/ISOLATORS Increasing demands in design miniaturization of high frequency applications involve the development of planar circuit technology using microstrip transmission lines resulting in the need of stripline Y-junction circulators. Military applications operating at millimeter wavelength require very high-end ferrite material at such high frequencies. HSMAG is one of suppliers making its [...]

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