Canada Customer Buy HSMAG Magnetic Filter Bar, Magnetic Tube, Magnetic Bars, Magnetic Rods

Magnetic Filter Bar Customer Contribution – Recently our company provides 3000pcs Strong Magnetic Filter Bar Ø 25 x 300 mm MTR-300 product for our new customer Jarvie in Canada, Magnetic Filter Bar is used in Food processing systems application for Jarvie’s food factory.

magnetic filter bars

magnetic filter bars

Magnetic filter bars can filter out ferrous foreign objects from solids and liquids. They are installed for this purpose in the material flow. For example, they filter out iron and steel abrasions or grinding residues of oil or coolant systems. Residues are simply wiped off by hand for cleaning.

Design and characteristics
The magnetic material is enclosed in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing. Due to a waterproof design, no liquids can penetrate the interior of the system.


with ferrite magnets and an operating temperature up to 150°C.
with neodymium magnets (NdFeB) and an operating temperature up to 80 °C and a magnetic force up to five times stronger compared to the model with ferrite magnets.



Diameter and thread

As a standard, the magnetic filter bars have the following diameters and connecting threads in the end caps:

with with both-sided inner thread M 6 x 10
with with both-sided inner thread M 8 x 10

Customized models
The following models are available on request: · one-sided inner thread

outer thread
operating temperature up to 300 °C
special lengths up to 1,000 mm


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