Where To Buy Our Magnets – HSMAG FAQ 

QUES: Do our local magnets shop buy from China?
ANS: Almost all of the rare earth magnets are imported from China. Local shops order in batch quantity and have these magnets shipped by sea to decrease their delivery costs.

buy magnet

buy magnet

QUES: Is it necessary to buy from magnet manufacturers?
ANS: Local shops do have their benefits. They store magnets, can deliver immediately, and often have good communication. When your design needs a special neodymium magnet, with high thermal resistance and low weight loss for example, no one is going to store such a magnet. That type of magnet must be custom made. This means working with a quality manufacturer is very important.

QUES: Is it cost-efficient to buy regular shape magnets (disc and blocked) from HSMAG?
ANS: Let’s check a specific instance
You are in the United States and would like to buy 20,000 pcs of N42 grade block magnets with 1/4”X1/4”X1/8” dimensions and nickel plating. The price for a local American shop is 0.33


If we compare the two, you save almost 80 percent with HSMAG Magnets ,Buy Our Magnets. In our experience, it is always cost-efficient to buy directly from a Chinese manufacturer if the net weight of your purchase is more than 15 kilograms.

QUES: How do we calculate the net weight?
ANS: Volume (mm3) * 7.5 / 1000.000 = kilograms

QUES: How does HSMAG Magnets ship industrial magnets?
ANS: There are three ways, according to the gross weight. These include:
By sea: this is the slowest but the cheapest
By air: faster but the goods are shipped to a nearby airport
Express: this is the fastest but most expensive option. We use DHL, TNT or UPS.

QUES: What is the lead time (Buy Our Magnets)?
ANS: We do not store finished products. All of our magnet products are customized. Ten days is normal, but special magnets may take upwards of 30 days.

If you still have a question, do not worry. We will always be sure to address any questions you may have when you make an inquiry.