Bullet Magnet For Food Powder Material

Recently one of our Egyptian clients SBL ordered an bullet magnet with 6 inch flange from us. SBL is a famous expert company in the production of all types of bread crumbs and drying all food products, working in the business of food substances industry and drying since 1997.

As per request, the bullet magnet was specially designed to remove metal trap from their food powder material of 20 tons per hour, the barrel body was SS304 food level surface. Through 7 days overtime working, we finished the sample and testing of the bullet magnet in timely manner. Before shipment, our technical department tested the surface roughness, sealability and magnetic surface gauss. Please see the pictures for product, testing results and packing.

Bullet Magnet For Food Powder Material

Bullet Magnet For Food Powder Material

The surface gauss more than 10,000 GS.

The packing is dedicated export Plywood packaging, looks very firm and beautiful.

For the product, our advantage s are strongest surface gauss, most competitive price, long lasting, food level surface.

Any related design request and OEM order, please freely contact our sales team.


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