A NEW family of Boutique Magnets, resin coated magnets. High sheer-strength and soft on painted steel work with superior magnetic operation. With quality design and appearance, these high-strength magnets are perfect for creating magnetic signage and are also ideal for holding heavy items, even in sheer applications.

These high strength, soft touch boutique magnets are designed for retail fixing, holding heavy objects without marking the ferrous surface.

The rubber coating is perfect for fixing POS signage displays onto delicate metal surfaces, leaving no marks and providing a good level of corrosion protection for outdoor use. The rubber also allows for extremely effective hold in sheer forces.
Various sizes available
Due to the tolerance of the rubber, there may be variations on pull strength. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

Boutique Magnets

Boutique Magnets

Rubber Coated magnetic systems with neodymium magnets for demanding tasks. The rubber-coated adhesive surface protects the metal from scratches and grounds for detention increases the pushing force. The neodymium magnets are arranged alternately pole and thus increase the adhesive force. As material for the rubber sheath Santoprene was used. They can be mounted with different exposures (threaded stud, threaded socket, female threaded, hole or depression).


Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly Rectangular Internal Thread NdFeB

Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly, Rectangular Magnet Assembly NdFeB, Block NdFeB Magnet System with Internal Thread and Rubber Coat, Rubber Covered Neodymium Internal Thread Rectangular Magnet Rubber Covered Magnetic Assembly Feature: ◾Santoprene Rubber coating for scratch-free clamping ◾Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) inside for maximum holding forces ◾Extremely good sheer forces – high resistance to sliding ◾Protects surfaces […]


NdFeB Magnet System Internal Thread and Rubber Coat

NdFeB Magnet System with Internal Thread and Rubber Coat, Rubber Covered Neodymium Internal Thread Magnet, Rubber Covered Magnet Systems with Internal Thread (Female Thread), Magnetic Cup Assemblies NdFeB Magnet System Application: There are many applications for NdFeb Pot Magnets, mainly in applications where a strong clamping force is required. Applications include Point of Sale, window dressing, […]


Rubber Covered Neodymium Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stem

Rubber Covered Neodymium Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stem, Magnetic Cup Assemblies with rubber coat and external thread, Magnetic Systems with External Screw Thread, Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnet with Male Screw Thread Rubber Covered Neodymium Pot Magnet – These rubber covered pot magnets have an external thread. Strong Neodymium Magnet is embedded in a steel […]