“Bite hand” magnet ring jams student’s finger

The “biting hand” magnet ring stuck the student’s finger, and Hubei Xianning fire department quickly removed it in 2 minutes

On December 3, the left middle finger of a student of Chibi No. 1 Junior High School in Xianning City, Hubei Province was caught by a magnet ring. After receiving the police, the Chibi City Fire Rescue Brigade’s Jinjishan Road duty point quickly rushed to the scene.

After careful observation by fire rescue personnel, they found that a magnet ring with a thickness of nearly 1 cm was wrapped around one of the fingers. Fortunately, there was no congestion and swelling in time. However, if it is not removed in time, it may cause blood congestion and swelling in the fingers for a long time, causing serious consequences.

Bite hand magnet ring jams student's finger

Bite hand magnet ring jams student’s finger

The fire rescue personnel decided to cut the magnet ring with a hammer and other tools. A fire rescuer first took fixing and protective measures, and then another skilled firefighter used a hammer and other tools to work, and quickly took off the magnet ring that was tightly stuck on his finger.

After less than 2 minutes of intense operation, the “biting hand” magnet ring was successfully removed, and then the fire rescue personnel briefly disinfected the student’s fingers.

The fire department reminds: in life, the phenomenon of fingers stuck by iron rings, nuts, etc. frequently occurs. Parents and teachers must do a good job of guardianship and education, and not be paralyzed. At the same time, it should not be dismantled blindly and violently, so as not to cause unnecessary secondary harm to children.

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