Bathroom Magnetic Door Gasket

All the below materials can be produced to any size or shape from your drawings and specifications.

Plastic Seal and Gasket
Shower door seal, window seal
Co-extruded materials
High quality and durable door gasket, weather seal and door bottom seal with wipe
Products Images: Plastic Seal and Gasket 1 Plastic Seal and Gasket 2 Plastic Seal and Gasket 3 Plastic Seal and Gasket 4
Rubber Seal and Gasket
TPE seal strips and seal gaskets for specialised industrial application
Products Images: Rubber Seal and Gasket 1 Rubber Seal and Gasket 2 Rubber Seal and Gasket 3
Magnetic Door Gaskets
For swinging or sliding glass door
Translucent or white
Use as magnetic door seal, refrigerator door seal and other application
Products Images: Magnetic Door Gaskets 1 Magnetic Door Gaskets 2
Magnetic strips
Conventional S and N pole or multipole
Magnetic pull up to 3.5 pounds/foot

Bathroom Magnetic Door Gasket

Bathroom Magnetic Door Gasket

Custom sizes and
For over 10 years, we have been supplying of the industry with a comprehensive range of quality sealing materials for a wide range of specialised applications.

We specialise in producing customized parts to your requirements, including plastic seal and gasket, rubber seal and gasket,magnetic door gasket, magnetic strips, etc.
Bathroom Magnetic Door Gasket

Fexible Magnetic Roll
The rubber magnetic roll is made up of magnetic powder, CPE and other additives. It is made by extrusion and rolling. Rubber magnets can be isotropic or anisotropic, it can be bending, twisting, and rewinding.
Flexible magnetic roll can be plain brown or laminated with vinyl, color or white PVC, PP, PET, Paper or adhesive. The magnetic property is permanent and will never decrease in normal situation. And the lamination is premium as well for clients to use. No matter for standard length,30 meters or Jumbo roll size: 400 meters, we all can do for you! Thickness is from 0.2 ~8mm upon your request. And maxium width is 1520mm( 60”)!

Flexible Magnetic Sheets
Flexible Magnetic Sheets are produced with calendering process. It is normally used in office appliance, advertising, checking and testing meters etc. According to its magnetization method, it is divided into penetration magnetization and surface magnetization.(pole width 2,4,7mm or 12,7/6.4/3.6 poles per inch).

Flexible Magnetic Strip
Flexible Magnetic Strips and Custom Profile are thermoplastic permanent magnetic Extrusions. It can provide superior holding power and widely used in stationery, household appliance, water-tight appliance. According to its magnetic property, it is divided into anisotropic and isotropic; according to its magnetization way, it is divided into surface magnetization and penetration magnetization (longitudinal, transverse and bilateral).

Flexible Neodymium Magnet
Flexible Neodymium Magnet is a kind of flexible permanent magnetic materials with high power, whose performance is more excellent than that of the ferrite magnet components, which could be used for various kinds of high powered micro-motors, which could compact the external dimension widely, and improve the motor performance. It is the originate in China.

Absorber Sheet
DXAS series absorber sheet is a new developed material with Dexing core tchnology of polymers composites processing, special steel metallurgy and functional powder producing. It is widely used in RFID and EMC field of newly developing electronic products.

Adhesive Magnets
Dexinmag offers a wide range of adhesives such as water-based, solvent, rubber, or foam that can be laminated on the non-magnetized side. Then you can adhere anything to the magnet sheeting and it will attach to fridges, file cabinets or any other metal surface.

Printable Magnets
Dexinma offer many kinds of different printable magnet sheets for different printing processes such as screen print, solvent or

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