Basic Knowledge Of Magnetic Materials

About Magnetic Materials: Magnetism is one of the fundamental properties of matter. Magnetic phenomena are associated with various forms of charge motion. Magnetic fields are generated by the motion and spin of electrons within a material. All matter is magnetic. According to the magnetic nature of the difference can be divided into paramagnetic material, diamagnetic material, ferromagnetic material, antiferromagnetic material, and ferromagnetic material, wherein ferromagnetic material and ferromagnetic material belong to strong magnetic material, usually, these two kinds of material are collectively called magnetic material.

Classification, properties, and USES of magnetic materials:
Ferrite magnetic material: generally refers to iron oxide and other metal oxides in accordance with the oxide. Most of them are ferromagnetic. Features: the resistivity is much higher than that of metal, about 1-10 (12) ohm/cm, so vortex loss and skin effect are small, suitable for high-frequency use. Low saturation magnetization is not suitable for high magnetic density applications. Curie is cooler.

Basic Knowledge Of Magnetic Materials

Basic Knowledge Of Magnetic Materials

Ferromagnetic materials: materials that are ferromagnetic.Such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and its alloys, alloys of certain rare earth elements. Under Curie temperature, the material has greater magnetization when magnetized.

Ferromagnetic material: refers to the material with ferromagnetic properties, such as various ferrites, under the air temperature, the material has a large magnetization when the external magnetism is added.

Permanent magnetic material: The magnetic field of a magnet with magnetized thickness is still of strong magnetism, characterized by high coercivity and large magnetic energy product.Aluminum nickel-cobalt, rare earth cobalt, Neodymium iron boron, and so on.Ferrite permanent magnet, e.g., barium ferrite, strontium ferrite, another permanent magnet, such as plastic magnet, etc.

Soft magnetic materials: materials that are easily magnetized and demagnetized.Manganese-zinc ferrite soft magnetic material, its operating frequency between 1K-10M.Nickel-zinc ferrite soft magnetic material, operating frequency is generally 1-300mhz.

Metal soft magnetic materials: high saturation magnetic induction strength and low coercive force compared with ferrite, such as engineering pure iron, iron aluminum alloy, iron-cobalt alloy, iron-nickel alloy, etc., often used in transformers, etc.

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