Assemblies Magnet Selection – HSMAG offers a wide selection of Assemblies magnet products. on your desired product type for stock product specifications.

Round Base Magnets
Our round base magnet assemblies are made with either ceramic or neodymium magnets combined with steel cups.

Assemblies Magnet Selection

Assemblies Magnet Selection

Channel Magnets
These rectangular base magnets channel great holding strength onto one surface. Add a rubber boot and they won’t slide!

Sandwich Magnets
A magnet sandwiched between two pole pieces give this assembly greater “reach” compared to RBs or Channels.

Latch Assemblies
HSMAG magnetic latches provide diverse installation options and can replace standard latch hardware on doors.

Pocket Magnets
The HSMAG pocket magnet is a handy magnetic tool that identifies valuable ferrous materials such as iron and steel.

Electromagnets’ magnetic field is created by the flow of electric current. Direct contact with ferrous metal is required.

Other devices by HSMAG

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