Applications of Electro Permanent Magnet Grippers in Robotics

Here, we did a simple summary of the applications of HSMAG’s electro permanent magnet grippers in robotics, to help you gain a direct view of this magnetic end effector in industrial automation.

Magnets For Industrial Automation

Magnetic gripper is a transfer device that can instantly catch magnetic substances by a strong electro permanent magnet.
The technology of the double magnet uses electrical power only for few seconds in activation “MAG” and deactivation “DEMAG”. cycles. The workpiece will not fall down due to the power outage.

It can catch and transfer various large and small sized substances. In addition to lifting and workholding, electro permanent magnets can be used as magnetic grippers to pick, lift, load, place, transfer of ferrous parts for robot arm and automation line as an end-of arm-tool. Followed with “Industry 4.0” trend, magnetic grippers would be more and more widely applied to intelligent plant in the near future in automation applications such as:
• Transfer lines • Conveyor lines
• Pick and place equipment • General engineering
• Robotics • Packaging machinery
• Palletising/depalletising systems

Applications of Electro Permanent Magnet Grippers in Robotics

Applications of Electro Permanent Magnet Grippers in Robotics

Electro permanent magnet grippers used on different types of automation equipment:

Articulated robots – end of arm tooling magnet
Cartesian robots – magnetic gripping head
Manipulators – lift magnets
Intelligent crane – magnet lifter
Articulated boom lift – magnetic lifter

Applications in processing lines like:
•Sorting line – sorting and palletizing steel cut piece
• Conveyor line – loading and depalletizing steel workpiece
• Pick and place robot – loading for welding line and unloading weldframe
• Packing line
• Steel sheet bending line
• Palletising/depalletising systems

Features of electro permanent magnetic technology:
●Energy saving – due to the magnetic property, these robotic grippers consume no power in gripping state.
●Even in a sudden power failure, the gripped steel tube part WILL NOT FALL OFF as the magnetic force still remains.
●Maintenance-free & no heat generation.
●Magnetic gripping heads all custom designed, to get the most of your automated handling efficiency

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