Apple’s New Patent: Magnetic Design Free Shoelaces

Apple publishes new patent for magnetic design, Apple Find My is the standard equipment for travel wearables

According to the latest list published by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), Apple has recently obtained a design patent, numbered US 11614108 B2. The patent does not involve digital devices such as iPhones and iPads, but travel accessories such as luggage belts, and even design patents for shoelaces.

In the patent, Apple stated that the straps have a wide range of uses in daily life, such as women’s handbags, armbands, straps for securing items, and more. Apple says traditional watch straps may require a mechanical connection to secure the strap to an item, and may not allow easy individual adjustments to length and other attributes. More importantly, there will be difficulties in subsequent unbundling.

It is learned from the patent that Apple introduces magnetic features at the connection point, and then connects various materials such as metal, cloth and fiber, and fixes the connection in a more flexible way.

Apple's New Patent Magnetic Design Free Shoelaces

Apple’s New Patent Magnetic Design Free Shoelaces

Since Apple released AirTag, everyone has paid more attention to the anti-lost of items. Apple’s Find My can find iPhone, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Today’s Find My can not only find Apple devices, but also with third-party devices. Joining will enrich the territory of Find My Network. The product and Find My can realize the function of intelligent anti-lost.

Features supported by Find My

Harmful Tracking Detection: This feature notifies users of accessories that may not be recognized normally, and tracks the location of such accessories over time.

Lost mode setting number: Support setting specific devices or accessories into lost mode through this network, and you can also set a reserved number for people to contact you when they are found.

Find the location of the lost device: When a user loses a device, it can be marked as lost mode, and then the device information will be transmitted to each other in the Bluetooth network. Finally, when a user’s Bluetooth detects the lost item, it will transmit its approximate location back to the original lost user to help the user find the device quickly.

Control the device to play sound: You can remotely initiate the play of sound to help users find accessories. This action supports both accessory owners and non-owners. After finding the approximate location of the accessory, the user can make the owner’s iOS device sound a reminder, and the owner cancels the reminder to find the device.

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