Anisotropic Plastic Magnets Technologies

The HSMAG company began developing anisotropic plastic magnets technologies from Japan set up mass production system, and has been supplying the marker.

Manufacturing stage

Advaned technology

INJECTION MAGNETS – Diverse Development
To provide our customes with even better service, in addition to continuing to refine and develop our plastic gear products, HSMAG will also aggressivly develop products for the plastic magnet components market. In 2006, HSMAG established a unified gear and magnet factory to provide complete service from design to development and manufacturing. Coupled winth HSMAG’s well-regimented techniques, we can meet all of our customers’varied requirements.

Anisotropic Plastic Magnets Technologies

Anisotropic Plastic Magnets Technologies

HSMAG have a long experience in development of magnetic parts, we have a professional design. technical molding mould. We have a precise tooling machine and injection machine can do various magnet gear. and assembly different parts,insert or outsert into one body types then provide for the each customer’s particular needs.

Chemical Properrties

These materials exhibit a strong resistance to chemicals. They are almost completely unaffected by alkalis, alcohols,ethers,ethers,ketones,hydrocarbons,gasoline, lubricating oils,and grease.

Name of chemical Cheminal-
Caustic soda    50%
Aqueous ammonia  10%

Hydrochloric acid 2%
Sulphuric acid   2%

soda ash     10%
sodium chloride  10%

Formic acid    85%
Acetic acid    10%


Name of chemical Cheminal-
Methyl alcohol
butyl alcohol
Ethylene glycol

Methyl ethyl ketone

Carbon tetrachloride
Ethyl acetate

Lubricating oil

There is practically no change in weight or dimensions.
There is change in weight and dimensions.
Can be used if the material has only been attacked by the chemical for short time .
dissolves or is attacked for a short time .
The chemical resistance of the material changes according the surface areas, Thickness, and shape of the molded article . Therefore, we recommend that the article be immersed in the particular chemical under conditions of use.

Requests to Customers on Ordering with Us
Please inform us the following when you place an order with us.
Using material
Magnetic characteristics
Environmental conditions of use (temperature, humidity, etc.)
Shape,size and tolerance(drawings and the like)
Weight restricting conditions
Necessity of the secondary processing
Magnetization pattern and necessity of magnetization/demagnetization
Specifications on the stamping and labeling
The necessary quantity or expected quantity for the future and schedule