Alnico Major Magnets

• 550° maximum operating temperature
• Alnico 3 magnet material and mild steel
• Good corrosion resistance

Details of the Alnico Major Magnets

The Alnico Major Magnet is a precision magnetically tuned magnetic field assembly. It offers 2000 Gauss (0.2Tesla) in the air gap between the two poles at ambient temperature and pressure.



The Alnico Major Magnet comprises a large and sturdy C-shaped alnico horseshoe shape with high quality mild steel (ferromagnetic) poles. The assembly is fully magnetised to over 2000 Gauss then deliberated magnetically “knocked back” (weakened) to give the final 2000 Gauss (which is the same as 2kG, 200mT or 0.2T) field reading in the air gap between the steel poles.

Alnico Magnetic Material with Excellent Thermal Characteristics

The Alnico Major Magnet can be used at temperatures up to +550 degrees C (+1022 Fahrenheit) with excellent stability of magnetic output as the magnet heats up (following the excellent thermal characteristics of Alnico magnetic material). The pole gap (air gap) is 27.3mm.

Typical Applications of Alnico Major Magnets

Typical applications include Mass Spectrometry, Medical Experiments, sensor designs, generator experiments, school and college projects, etc. Such applications require a magnetic field strength of known value in an air gap.

Alternative to Alnico Magnets

For the maximum magnetic strength see our range of Neodymium (rare earth) magnets.


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