About Neocubes, “Buckyballs”, “Nanodots”, “NeoMagnets”

The Neocubes magnetic balls in HSMAG are used as micro construction blocks to build awesome sculptures and psychedelic patterns. Neocubes are the future of puzzles, the Rubik cube on steroids, the space age gadget of tomorrow available today.

About Neocubes

About Neocubes

Neocubes are more than simple construction balls. The magnetic properties of the balls will allow you the experience firsthand the mysterious properties of magnetism. When playing with your Neocubes, you will feel the power of the magnets, Neocubes will orient themselves and align based on this mysterious scientific principle. The magnetic balls will almost mystically guide your hands to build complex fractal patters and other symmetric designs found everywhere in nature and space. Beyond simple Construction balls, Neocubes are a force of nature right at your fingertips.

NeoCubes are also known in different regions as “Buckyballs”, “Nanodots”, or quite simply “NeoMagnets”. They are available in several different colours, sizes, strengths and even shapes. The standard pack size for these magnets is 216, which is enough to construct a solid 6x6x6 cube if you want to attempt to do so. The standard size for these magnets is 5mm, which constructs a 3x3x3cm cube. Although these magnets are fairly small, their strength is not to be underestimated!

Standard NeoCube sets use N35 magnets, which are industry standard strength magnets, however some stores offer N38 magnets and above (the larger the number, the more powerful magnet). The magnets also come in a variety of coloured polymer coatings, the most common of which being Silver (standard), Gold, Red, Blue and Green (although some stores also sell several other colours). You can even buy cube shaped magnets from certain stores.

The Magnetic Balls in the Neocubes are great to build stuff but they can also be used as a stress reliever. Neocubes are the ultimate counter productivity gadget, crush your Neocubes in a ball and use them as a stress ball! Squish your frustrations away at the office, waste your time during boring meetings and even make new friends! Who knows you might even pick up a girl or two in the process!

Neocubes are great for adults of all ages. Even seniors appreciate the therapeutic effect of manipulating the magnetic balls. By keeping your hands busy, you keep your mind occupied and exercise your coordination.

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Neodymium Magnets (often referred to as NeoCube) are small magnetic spheres that can be arranged in many different shapes and patterns. One of the most common arrangements of these magnets is a cube, and is often used as the promotional image for the different types of magnetic balls.

NeoCubes are made the Neodymium alloy, a rare-earth metal. These magnets are generally sold in large packs and can be used for educational purposes such as understanding magnetism and polarity, entertaining toys to play with or simply as a stress relief product. They also help test patience and use your head, because constructing simple shapes can be quite challenging due to the strength and uncontrollability of the loose magnets. Once mastered, complex patterns and geometric shapes are accomplishable. Due to the nature of this type of toy, there is no “solution” (unless you consider the cubic arrangement to be the solved state), so the creative possibilities when playing with these magnets are endless.

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