HANGSENG MAGNETICS (HSMAG) is committed to providing high quality products and services that conform to our customers’ requirements. We have an environment which encourages teamwork and in which each employee learns, understands, and practices quality conformance as an integral part of his or her job function. All departments will establish goals consistent with our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our company offers various magnetic materials for fabrication and distribution. Many standard parts are available in stock for immediate release, so please contact us on availability. You will be very happy to have us as your partner, supplying you with high quality products at unbeatable prices. Contact us today with your ideas, your challenges, and your questions.

Our Products include Sintered NdFeB, Bonded NdFeB, Samarium Cobalt, Alnico, Ceramic (Ferrite), Flexible magnet materials as well as magnetic assemblies and couplings. We specialize in manufacturing permanent magnets according to customers’ requirements in terms of composition, magnetic characteristics, shape, and size. Due to the diversity between the different permanent magnetic materials, each offers unique advantages that will fit into your application. We can offer recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience, and select the appropriate magnetic material for you. At HSMAG, we do more than provide magnetic products. Find out for yourself why HSMAG is the answer for anything magnetic.

We listen to our customers’ needs and help them reach their objectives. We have been working with all kinds of industries, from point of purchase, advertising to aerospace. Magnets are everywhere. Our magnetic products enhance countless types of finished goods, from advanced electronics to simple labeling or craft projects. If you have any need for permanent magnetic products, please contact us.