A girl swallowed toy magnet by mistake, and the doctor took it out smoothly

10 days ago, a 7-year-old girl Jiajia (pseudonym) accidentally put 2 toy magnets into her esophagus while playing with her classmates, and then she vomited and cried uneasy. , and then went to the Second Department of General Surgery of our hospital for treatment. Li Hongpu, the deputy director of the department, coordinated with Jiang Haibo, the deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, and immediately arranged for a painless gastroscopy to remove foreign bodies in the emergency department. The child was nervous and afraid, holding his mother and crying continuously. Anesthetist Liu Ying and nurse Yang Tingting patiently coaxed the child to complete the venipuncture. After the child fell asleep peacefully and his vital signs were stable, Director Jiang Haibo entered the mirror slowly, with precise and gentle movements, and skilled operation.

A girl swallowed toy magnet by mistake, and the doctor took it out smoothly

A girl swallowed toy magnet by mistake, and the doctor took it out smoothly

Jiang Haibo looked into the mirror and found that the two magnets swallowed by the child were no longer together. There was one in the duodenum bulb and one in the duodenum’s horizontal section. The small intestine is sandwiched in the middle, and the clipped mucosa is pale, showing obvious ischemia. Due to the strong suction of the magnet, the surface of the magnet is smooth and covered with mucus, which increases the difficulty of the removal operation. However, the experienced director Jiang Haibo keeps the front end of the gastroscope as close as possible to the foreign body, and uses foreign body forceps, snares, and baskets for constant adjustments. Fang Xiang tried to trap it, but failed to slip off. Finally, he took out a special device with a snare and a net basket, repeatedly adjusted the direction of the snare, and finally caught a magnet to tighten the net basket, and injected gas at the cardia and esophagus. The back mirror was taken out smoothly; the other magnet was taken out smoothly by using the same method again.

The entire operation lasted 56 minutes. After the operation, Jiang Haibo’s surgical gown was already drenched with sweat, and blood blisters had already been worn out at the mouth of the mirror held in his left hand. It is right to bleed and sweat when a child is cut with a big knife.” At this time, the child’s parents were moved to tears, and called out “Thank you, benefactor!” swallowed toy magnet

Jiang Haibo told everyone that every year, many children are sent to the hospital for treatment due to swallowing buttons, nails, pins, marbles, coins, pen caps, etc. He reminded parents to take good care of their children, put these gadgets out of children’s reach, and educate their children. The appearance of magnets is harmless, beautiful and fun, and can bring fun to children. They don’t know the hidden dangers behind them. Don’t worry about a magnet, it can be discharged through conservative treatment, but if you swallow more than two, the adsorption capacity of the magnets will attract each other on the intestinal wall, causing intestinal perforation, intestinal obstruction, blood poisoning or other serious injuries, and may be fatal. swallowed toy magnet

In addition, Jiang Haibo also reminded parents not to let their children play with batteries, because batteries are very corrosive, and if children eat them by mistake, they will cause esophageal mucosal ulcers and even perforation. If a foreign body is found, it should be removed under endoscopy as soon as possible. The electronic gastroscope is safe and convenient to use, and the image is clearer, which has a direct effect that cannot be replaced by other inspections. With a very clear field of view, the doctor can see the diseases in the stomach at a glance, and there are no dead ends and no damage during the inspection.

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