There are many great qualities that magnets possess, like strength and reliability. But what may be their best quality is their usefulness. In addition to the obvious, like holding photos on your fridge, magnets have the ability to perform several tasks you may not have thought of yet. There are plenty of DIY magnet projects out there, but this one was designed to be one thing, simple. Let your brain take a minute off and use these five simple hacks to make your life a little easier:



Battery Extractor – With electronics being more prevalent than ever before, batteries are essential. Have you ever come across a toy or other item that required multiple batteries stacked on top of each other? Then you probably have felt the pain and frustration of trying to remove them when they need replaced. For this hack, simply stack a couple of rare earth neodymium magnets on top of each other. Then, touch the magnets directly on the battery. The battery will instantly attract to the magnet so you can pull it out.

Stud Finder- A stud finder comes in handy when trying to find a place to hang a photo or art, but what if you don’t have a stud finder? Well, because the wall was built using either nails or screws, you can use a strong ndfeb magnet to find them. Simply run the magnet along the wall until it’s attracted and stays in place. Once you find the metal nails in the wall, the stud will run straight up and down in that position from the floor to the ceiling.

Refrigerator Pen – Imagine how much time you would save if you weren’t always looking for something to write with. You’re in luck with this hack, which simply uses a small circular magnet, and a pen with a metal clip. After you slip the disc magnet under the clip, throw it on the fridge and you’ll never need to look for a pen again!

Chip Clip – They’re not the most expensive things to buy, but sometimes you run out of chip clips when you have a party. To perform this hack, you’ll need 2-4 magnets depending on the bag size. As you would with a chip clip, roll or fold the bag so that the product is no longer exposed, then put a magnet on each side so they are attracted to each other.

Magnetic Cups – If you want an easily accessible cup for water, then this hack is perfect for you. Simply take any cup that you would like and attach a couple magnets using glue to the outside of the cup. This way you’ll be able to stick the cup right on the fridge and never have to look for one again.

Do you have any unusual magnet hacks that we missed? Let us know in the comments section!