People can already travel by levitating, whether via maglev trains or the Hendo Hoverboard. So, engineers and scientists are making it easier to defy gravity within your own home as well. Magnetic levitation isn’t just for science experiments anymore. Now, you can find several cool objects that float using magnetic levitation. From toys and tools to furniture, here are a few cool magnetic things you can impress your friends with as they levitate.

Using Magnetic Levitation

1.Magnetic Floating Bed
The magnetic floating bed has already hit the news as Kim and Kanye’s preferred furnishing for their bedroom. The bed, capable of floating five feet above ground, is anchored to the ground by four wires. Using permanent magnetism the bed can support up to 900kg or over 1,900 pounds.

2. Float Table
This floating table uses a combination of really strong magnets and steel cables to maintain a rubix cube shape. The magnets prevent the small cubes from touching each other while the cables anchor the cubes in place. Depending on which version you get, the small cubes maintain the shape of an end table or a coffee table.

3. ZeroN
Using computer-controlled magnetic levitation, the ZeroN is easy to control while defying gravity. In the video, ZeroN demonstrates Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion, the orbit of the Sun around a planet, and a bird’s eye view of an architecture model. This magnetic levitation device has countless possible uses.

4. Levitating LEGO Monorail
The levitating LEGO monorail functions like a small version of the maglev train. The track and the LEGO car with three tiny passengers contain magnets so the car can float along the track without being slowed by friction. You can make your own version of the levitating monorail without LEGOs with this DIY magnet tutorial.

5. Magnetic Levitating Mouse
The magnetic levitating mouse was designed as a way to prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome for people who use their computers frequently. The wireless mouse, called BAT, floats above a pad. Both pieces are made of plastic so as not to interfere with the magnetism keeping the mouse afloat.

As one of the most interesting phenomena, magnetic force is also one of the most versatile when it comes to practical applications. Can you think of any other uses for magnetic levitation? If you have, Please tell us.