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120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount Features: Portable, handheld light with large handle and adjustable magnetic mount is ideal for indoor and outdoor, wet applications.  Designed as a blasting light, for sand blasting and power washing applications inside of tanks and vessels, this lights unique, durable construction is useful for the most demanding applications. The operator can adjust the angle of the light and the light will hold the position until the operator changes it.  The magnetic base attaches to any ferrous (steel) surface and can be completely removed if not required.

The light frame is made from molded polyurethane, which encapsulates the 5.25 inch diameter, 150 pound grip magnetic base.  The polyurethane encapsulation protects mounting surface from scratching by magnetic base.   Polyurethane absorbs shock and is rust and corrosion proof, while easily cleaned or decontaminated.

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount

The portable, handheld light uses standard PAR 38, 150 watt, 250 watt or 12 Volt, 100 Watt lamps.   The light ships with industrial grade bulbs have double filaments with rough surface lens.  However, any PAR 38 lamp found in your local hardware store can be used as a replacement.Light Magnetic Mount

• Polyurethane construction eliminates the need for a ground wire.

• Silicone gasket seals socket eliminating potential shorting caused by airborne metallic dust and moisture.

• Large grips for secure handling, even with gloves.

• Polyurethane housing provides superior lamp protections guards against breakage from rough handling and vibratio

• Fixture is designed to ventilate heat away from the light for ease of handling.

• Suitable for all temperatures.

• Industrial capacity 5.25 inch diameter magnet, encapsulated in polyurethane for protection of the magnet base and any surface it is mounted to.

• Uses Par 38 fixtures in spot or flood configuration.  Sealed lamps are suitable for wet applications.  Available in 12 Volts AC, 120 Volts AC or 220 Volts AC.

• Weighs 8.25 pounds with cord. 12.5 inches long, 6.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.

• Includes 25 foot, industrial grade 6/3 cord that is ¾ inch thick.  SOOW cable is oil, chemical and abrasion resistant and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use to -58 degrees.

Light Magnetic Mount

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