Magnetic Drills

magnetic drilling machine

Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic Drilling Machine, Power Feed Magnetic Drill, Adjustable Position Base Magnetic Drill Press, Magnetic Drill Presser with Reverse Switch, Portable Magnetic Drilling Machines, Mag Drill, Magnetic Drilling System, Typhoon Magnetic Drill Roto-Broach Magnetic Drilling Machine Features: Part No.: HS-MD80 Cutter capacity : Diameter 12-80mm Twist Drill : Diameter 1.5-31.75mm Max.Drilling depth : 70mm Spindle holder : Diameter 31.75mm(11/4″)WELDEN No […]

manual feed mag drills

Standard Mag Drills

Standard Mag Drills HS-MD32, Manual Feed Mag Drills, Standard Magnetic Drills, Ultra Low Profile Mag Drills, Hydraulic Powered Mag Drills, Nitto Kohki Mag Drills, Hougen Mag Drills, Jancy Mag Drills Manual Feed Mag Drills Press Features: Part No.: HS-MD32 Cutter Capacity : Diameter 12-32mm Twist Drill : Diameter 3-16mm Max.Drilling depth : 60mm Spindle holder: Diameter 19.05mm […]

magnetic base drills

Magnetic Base Drills

Magnetic Base Drills HS-MD50, Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, Electric Magnetic Drill Press, Short Slugger Magnetic Base Drilling Unit, Low-Profile Magnetic Drills, Milwaukee Position Base Magnetic Drill Press, Magnetic Drill Presser with Reverse Switch Magnetic Base Drills Features: Part No.: HS-MD50 Cutter Capacity : Diameter12-50mm Twist Drill : Diameter 1.5-23mm Max.Drilling depth : 70mm Spindle holder : MC-Diameter 19.05mm WELDEN No […]

portable magnetic drill

Portable Magnetic Drills

Portable Magnetic Drills, Magnetic Drilling Machines, Electromagnetic Drill Press, Magnetic Drills, Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, Portable Magnetic Drill Press, Magnetic Core Drill Press Portable Magnetic Drills Features: Part No.: HS-MD50T Cutter Capacity : Diameter 12-50mm Twist Drill : Diameter 1.5-23mm Max.Drilling depth : 70mm Spindle holder : Diameter 19.05mm Tapping Range : M5-M18 NoLoad speed : (Ι )150-500r/min(Ⅱ)100-260r/min […]

magnetic drill press

Magnetic Drill Press

Magnetic Drill Press, Adjustable Position Base Magnetic Drill Press, Cordless Magnetic Core Drill, Hydraulic Powered Mag Drills, Portable Slugger Magnetic Drill Unit, Magnetic-Base Drill Magnetic Drill Press Features: Part No.: HS-MD32T Cutter Capacity :Diameter 12-32mm Twist Drill :Diameter 3-16mm Max.Drilling depth :60mm Spindle hoder :Diameter 19.05mm No Load speed : (Ⅰ)150-450r/min(Ⅱ)100-220r/min ElectricData :220~230V/50Hz/1200W Magnetic Force :15000N MagnetSize :160×80×46mm Stroke :170mm […]

autofeed magnetic drill

Autofeed Magnetic Drill

Autofeed Magnetic Drill, Auto Feed Mag Drills, Powerful Highest-Quality Professional Magnetic Drilling Machines, Portable Magnetic Drills, China Magnetic Drill Press, Cheap Magnetic Drills Magnetic Drill Features: Part No.: HS-MD40AUTO Cutter Capacity: Diameter 12-40mm Twist Drill: Diameter 3-16mm Max.Drilling depth: 60mm Spindle holder: Diameter 19.05mm No Load speed : (Ⅰ)500r/min(Ⅱ)260r/min Elctric Data: 220~230V/50Hz/1200W Magnetic Force: 18500N Magnet Size: 160×80×46mm Stroke: […]