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With more than 20 years experience about magnetic separator used in different field, HangSeng Magnetech  specializes in industrial strength separation magnets for the removal of ferrous metal contaminants from dry or liquid product flows and is the first manufacturer to offer 52 MgOe rare earth material as a standard in select products. These magnetic separators are used in industries such as food, chemical, plastics, & feed and grain, to improve product purity and protect processing equipment from damage.

While available in standard sizes, strengths and designs to meet most applications, HSMAG specializes in modified standard products and custom solutions, and offers design and engineering assistance for unique or difficult applications. HSMAG separation magnets have saved untold dollars in reduced downtime and contaminated product recalls.

Magnetic Separation equipment is used to remove ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry particulate, liquids, and slurries in the process of grain, feed, sugar, cereal, chemical, mineral, plastics, oil, textile, salt, pharmaceuticals, and recycled products to name a few. A partial list of Separation Equipment would include magnetic plates, grates, drawers, drums, humps, pulleys, spouts, and belts. These magnetic separators will ensure product purity and protect processing equipment form tramp metal damage.

HSMAG offers a wide range of magnetic separation equipment for capturing, controlling and removing ferrous tramp metal contaminants from products and processing systems. HSMAG’s magnetic separation products are available in standard sizes and strengths with effective designs to meet most conditions and applications.

Special designs, and engineering assistance are available for difficult applications. HSMAG’s magnetic separation products are designed for rugged use and easy installation in mechanical, gravity, or pneumatic conveying systems. Optimum performance is achieved when magnetic separators are placed at proper locations within the processing system.

Our Magnetic Separator Products:

Magnetic Tube Separator (Max magnetic strength of D25mm tube can up to 13000Gs)
Grate Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Hopper separator
Self Cleaning Grate Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Drawer Separator
Magnetic Trap Separator
Drum Magnetic Separator
Suspended Magnets
Plate Magnetic Separators
Hump Magnet
Plate Housing Magnet Separator
Cross belt Magnet Separator
Rotary Grate Magnet Separator
Over Band Magnet Separator
Magnetic Coolant Separator

A Partial list of Magnet Applications:

Equipment Protection:    
Hammermills, Grinders, Cracking Rolls, Feeders, Mixers, Rotary Air Locks, Molding Machines, Blenders, Shredders, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Drag Conveyors, Wood Hogs, Belt Conveyors and many more…

Product Protection:
Grain, Flour, Pasta, Cereal, Plastic, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Fabricated Primary Metals, Cement, Minerals, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Nuts, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat Processing, Dairy Products, Wood Chips, Sawdust, Bakery Products, Beverages, Pet Foods, Tobacco Products, Stone, Clay, Glass, Coffee and Tea, Snack Foods, Recycled Products, Paints and Pigments, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Rubber, Petroleum, Household Products and many more…

How to decide which type magnetic separator is maybe the most fit to your production line
Your  must clear about following question. Then decide item No.
1. Are the materials transferred by gravity or wind or conveyer belt or liquid. are they dry or wet or in slurry or in liquid And any pressure or have corrosive
2. Ferrous metal size and how much the percent of ferrous metal do you need self cleaning or handle cleaning
3. What max working temp. of your production line

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Learn more about our separator magnetic product offering on the below sub-category pages:

Magnetic Tubes Magnetic Grates Drawer Magnet

Self-Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator

Liquid Magnetic Trap Separator
Magnetc Tubes are named just because they are made from the strong NdFeB or SmCo,Ferrite Magnets are in stainless steel tubes by fully or non-fully welding . Because the appearance of  stainless steel rod or bar  with well polishing, many customers also call them magnetic rods,magnetic bars, magnetic filter bars, or magnet bar.  Grate/Grid Magnets was developed to separate metal from flowing material, by this, the grate magnet can protect your processing machinery against dangerous tramp metal. The magnetic filter bars are fixed onto stainless steel frameworks, when the flowing material that contain iron substance pass through the frameworks, the iron things will be attracted onto the magnetic bar. Magnetic Drawers are made from magnetic grate in the big 304 or 316L stainless Steel House . As one kind of magnetic filter or magnetic separator, They are also named Magentic drawer separator,Drawer Magnets, Magnetic grate in house, which can catching ferrous metal from different granule free flow materials .  Self-cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator belongs to the new-designed one which can keep continuous performance under the control of a programming controller so as to ensure the continuity of feedstock of delivery,which consist of  strong magnetic rod,  stainless steel house, air cylinders, PLC and Touch screen.  HSMAG can supply  Liquid Plate Trap Magnets, Liquid Finger Trap Magnets, Standard Normal Style Liquid. Magnetic liquid traps in HSMAG can be custom-made to various type, different shape, different performance and magnetic bar numbers.
Bullet Magnets Hump Magnets  Plate Magnets  Magnetic Drum  Magnetic Pulleys
Bullet magnetic separator is designed for installation in pipelines or ducted systems, to trap the ferrous particles from the powder, grain material flows over the magnetic bullet.Open the door to remove the ferrous particles on the surface of the magnetic core. Magnetic Hump were designed to direct product and contaminant flow into the magnetic fields of plate separators. The deflected flow pattern helps to break up clumps of material, providing maximum protection against entrapped contaminants. Plate Magnets are designed to capture unwanted ferrous metals from your product where magnetic tubes or grates might choke/bridge the product or wear out the magnetic tubes.  Magnetic drum is a device for automatic and permanent removing of magnetic iron metals from inert materials. It rotates around the outside of these and over which the material flows or is dropped.  Magnetic pulleys are constructed of quality steel, strong permanent magnets enclosed by stainless steel by welding. Remove large and small ferrous debris from product streams in belt conveyor systems.
Stainless Steel Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor

Stainless Steel Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor

Stainless Steel Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor, Pick-Up Magnetic Rod 80cm, Magnetic bar to grab, Magnetic Separator Bar, magnetic control rod, Magnetic Tube Separator with Handle, Magnetic Pick-Up Rod, Pull and Push Magnetic Attractor, permanent-magnetic separator rods, stainless steel and strongest NdFeB magnets, MAGNETIC SEPARATION SORTING ROD China supplier Stainless Steel Magnetic Push-Pull Attractor 80cm Part No.: […]

Stainless Steel Magnetic Tube

Stainless Steel Magnetic Tube

Stainless Steel Magnetic Tube, 304 Stainless Steel Magnetic Filter Tubes, Separator Bar Tube Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Filter Bars, high power bar magnets, Magnetic Bar Tubes with Plain Ends /Threaded Studs /Taped Holes, Magnetic Separator Rod, Magnetic Filter Equipment, Magnetic Filter Bar, Magnetic Cartridges, Magnetic Rod China Factory Stainless Steel Magnetic Tube Feature: Part No.: HSMT […]

Magnetic Pick-Up Rod 105cm

Magnetic Pick-Up Rod 105cm

Magnetic Pick-Up Rod 105cm, Magnetic bar to grab 105 cm, Magnetic Separator Bar, magnetic control rod, Magnetic Tube Separator with Handle, Magnetic Swarf Pick-Up Rod, Pull-and-Push Magnetic Attractor, permanent-magnetic separator rods, stainless steel and strongest NdFeB magnets, MAGNETIC SEPARATION MAGNETIC SORTING ROD China supplier Magnetic Pick-Up Rod 105cm Part No.: HSMAT-105 due to the simple […]

Magnetic Separator Bar 50cm

Magnetic Separator Bar 50cm

Magnetic Separator Bar 50cm, Magnetic bar to grab 50 cm, Magnetic Tube Separator with Handle, Pull-and-Push Magnetic Attractor, Magnetic Filter Bar Separator, Handmagnet for Separator, Magnetic Separator Inspection Bars Rods, Magnetic Attractor Separator Rod with release handle China supplier Magnetic Separator Bar 50cm Part No.: HSMAT-050 due to the simple handling, similar to a bicycle […]

Hopper Magnets

Magnetic Grate Separator Hopper Magnets

Magnetic Grate Separator Hopper Magnets, Magnetic grate separator / liquid / waste recycling / for the food industry, grate magnets, magnetic grate, drawer magnet, oil filter magnet, magnetic coolant filter, hopper magnets, filter magnets, grill magnet, rare earth grate magnets, drawer and housing magnet, housing magnet China factory Magnetic Grate Separator Hopper Magnets is installed […]

Hopper Grate Magnets

Hopper Grate Magnets

Hopper Grate Magnets, Magnetic Hopper Grate, Customer Hopper Magnet, NdFeB Hopper Magnet, Heavy-Duty Magnetic Grates, Magnetic Girds, Buy Magnetic Hopper, Grill Magnet, Grate Hopper Magnets for Sale, Rare Earth Neodymium Separation Magnets, Ferrite Magnetic Tubes & Grate Magnets China Supplier Hopper Grate Magnets provide a properly configured, high-density magnetic field to trap and hold ferrous […]

Magnetic Hopper Grate

Magnetic Hopper Grate

Magnetic Hopper Grate, Customer Hopper Magnet, NdFeB Hopper Magnet, Customized Magnetic Grates, Magnetic Girds, Representative Magnetic Hopper, Grill Magnet, Grate Magnets / Hopper Magnets for Sale, Rare Earth Neodymium Grate Magnet, NDFEB MAGNETIC TUBE Hopper Magnets China Supplier Magnetic Hopper Grate Feature: High power, designed with NdFeB magnets and stainless steel Easy to clean Does […]

Tube NdFeB Magnets

N35H Tube NdFeB Magnets

N35H Tube NdFeB Magnets, High Density Custom Made Tube Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Licensed Magnets, Rare Earth tube magnets, Strong N35H Neo Magnets China Manufacturer Tube NdFeB Magnets made to your specifications. Ideal for use in the Food Industry, values in excess of 10,000 gauss, supplied with Certification if required. Our Gauss Meters are Certified Yearly […]

N50 Magnets NdFeB Tube

Custom Size N50 Magnets NdFeB Tube

Custom Size N50 Magnets NdFeB Tube, Super Powerful Nickel Plated Tube Neodymium Magnets, Strong Neodymium Tube Permanent Magnets China Factory Custom Size N50 Magnets NdFeB Tube – HSMAG Magnets guarantees that when our business customers order online with us, they are purchasing products of the highest quality, and of safety-approved standards. Our customer service is […]

ndfeb magnetic filter bar

NdFeB Magnetic Filter Bar

NdFeB Magnetic Filter Bar, Strong Powerful Neodymium Magnetic Filter Bar, Round Magnetic Bars, Standard NdFeB Magnetic Tube, Magnetic Cartridges, Neodymium Magnetic Rod NdFeB Magnetic Filter Bar (Neodymium-Iron magnetic core) can filter out ferrous foreign objects from solids and liquids. They are installed for this purpose in the material flow. For example, they filter out iron and steel abrasions or […]

ferrite magnetic filter bar

Ferrite Magnetic Filter Bar

Ferrite Magnetic Filter Bar, Hard Ferrite Magnetic Core Magnetic Filter Bar, Filter Bar Magnet, Ferrite Magnetic Rods, stainless steel Ceramic Magnetic Tube Magnetic filter bar can filter out ferrous foreign objects from solids and liquids. They are installed for this purpose in the material flow. For example, they filter out iron and steel abrasions or grinding residues of […]


Permanent Magnetic Drum Rotating Magnet

Permanent Magnetic Drum, Rotating Drum Magnet, Magnetic Head Roller, Drum Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Drum Pulley, Half Magnetic Drum Permanent Drum type Magnetic Separator is most useful for separating tramp iron from non magnetic material processed in bulk quantity, for the purity of end products, recovery of metal having commercial value and protection of processing plant and machinery. […]


Magnetic Drum Separators

Magnetic Drum Separators, Drum Magnets, Drum Magnetic Dry / Wet Separators, Permanent Magnetic Drum Ceramic-8A and Rare Earth-Neodymium Magnet Material Magnetic drum separators efficiently and completely separate iron-based material from dry, bulk products. Using a free-flowing processing system, plastic, non-magnetic metals and other materials move through a stainless-steel drum while the magnetic separator consolidates any residual iron-based metals. […]


Magnetic Drum Roller

Magnetic Drum Roller, Drum Magnet Systems, Magnetic Roller, Rotating Drum Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Drums We are offering our clients with Drum Magnet Systems that are manufactured using high grade raw material and latest technology. Our automatic systems have the capability to cover a magnetic field of over 180° at the time of separating ferromagnetic impurities from bulk material. […]


Half Magnetic Drum

Half Magnetic Drum, Magnetic Drum, Half Magnetic Drum Roller, Drum Magnets, Rotary Separator Half Magnetic Drum, also named half magnetic roller, has a half disc(180 degree) stationary magnetic section that is covered by a revolving round stainless steel shell with rotation axis. It can form an automated separating system together with electric driver motor. As one kind […]


Magnetic Head Roller

Magnetic Head Roller, Magnetic Rollers, Magnetic Pulleys, Permanent Magnetic Roller Magnetic Head Roller are important magnetic products which are used as head pulleys in belt conveyors for removing ferrous contaminants from material flow. Magnetic rollers cover with stainless steel (SS304 or SS316) full strong magnets design which up to 15000GS, permanent magnetic roller Ferrite System and Rare Earth […]


Customized Magnetic Drum Pulley

Customized Magnetic Drum Pulley, Customer Permanent Magnetic Pulleys, Dry Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Head Pulley The operating principle of Magnetic Pulley is similar to Magnetic Drum, which is also designed for continuous self-cleaning of metal. It is generally installed at the end of conveyor belt to separate the iron contaminant from material. When product is conveyed along the belt […]


Magnetic Pulley Separator

Magnetic Pulley Separator, Rare Earth NdFeB / Ferrite Magnetic Pulleys, Magnetic Separation Head Pulley, Head Pulley Magnets HSMAG manufacture a wide range of Rare Earth and Ferrite Magnetic Pulleys. These Pulleys are widely used to remove tramp iron mixed with the material moving on a conveyor belt. The Magnet pulleys are always installed at the discharge point of […]


Magnetic Head Pulley

Magnetic Head Pulley, Powerful Permanent Magnetic Pulleys, Magnetic Head Roller, Magnetic Separation Head Pulley Magnetic head pulleys are used in conveyor belts for separating medium-sized ferrous parts from bulk goods. They attract tramp iron from these bulk materials in the same space as the normal conveyor belt head pulley. When the belt separates from the pulley on […]


Permanent Magnetic Pulleys

Permanent Magnetic Pulleys, Rare Earth and Ferrite Magnetic Pulley, Conveyor Magnetic Pulley, Pulley Magnet We are engaged in offering our valuable customers Permanent Magnetic Pulley. These are utilized for the removal of scrap metal from a flow of materials. The magnets utilized are bipolar and are covered with steel/aluminium shell. The field intensity of the magnet is […]