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Bullet Magnet For Food Powder Material

Bullet Magnet For Food Powder Material Recently one of our Egyptian clients SBL ordered an bullet magnet with 6 inch flange from us. SBL is a famous expert company in the production of all types [...]

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China’s NdFeB Patent Application

China's NdFeB Patent Application China's patent applications for NdFeB have increased rapidly. From the global patent distribution, the number of Japanese patent applications in NdFeB ranked first, about 3700, China ranked second, about 2500. The [...]

NdFeB Magnet Charger

NdFeB Magnet Charger NdFeB magnet to make the world's smallest charger Nowadays, since portable batteries and mobile routers can be seen everywhere, we believe everyone may have the same feeling: they are too big and [...]

Applying Wreath-Hanging Magnets

Applying Wreath-Hanging Magnets Buy a two-piece magnetic wreath hanger from your preferred retailer. You can find these online or at many home decor stores. They’re little more than two hefty magnetic discs, one of which [...]

How to Hang a Wreath on a Storm Door

Many of the better methods for hanging a wreath on a storm door are the same as those you’d use to hang a wreath on a more substantial door. However, because storm doors are more [...]

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Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices

Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices, Magnetic Holding Devices, below-the-hook magnets, overhead crane systems, magnetic lifting equipment In many work environments, a crane / hoist / hook solution isn’t enough. Specialized rigging and other below-the-hook lifting devices [...]

Automotive Sensor Magnets

Automotive Sensor Magnets - Some customers ask, what kind of sensor needs a magnet? The following This article, I hope to help you! Non-contact sensors use magnetic materials. Such as Hall sensor, car position sensor, motor [...]

What Kinds Of Magnets Are There?

What Kinds Of Magnets Are There? There are many kinds of magnets. Generally divided into permanent magnets and soft magnetic two major categories. The magnets we speak of are generally referred to as forever Magnetic [...]

Magnet Thermal Aging

Magnet Thermal Aging What is magnet thermal aging? Even though we usually say “permanent magnet”, but magnets do not remain magnetism permanently. In general, permanent magnets are gradually demagnetized by the impact of heat variations. [...]

Orientation technology of anisotropic injection magnet

Orientation technology of anisotropic injection magnet What’s the difference between the isotropic magnet and anisotropic magnet? Isotropic magnet’s crystal grains do not have their easy magnetization direction lined up in a specific direction and whose [...]